Tuesday, October 16, 2018

5 or so Minute Post

I'm not counting time spent on images or even this introductory paragraph, but I'm going to try to bust out a 5 minute post, as is all the rage on the cardsphere lately. Daniel from It's like having my own Card Shop originated the challenge. I generally take a long time writing. It's not uncommon for me to go back and edit my posts even after I've published them. My wife gives me shit for taking several minutes to type a simple email, laboring more than I probably need to. A big reason I'm quiet in person is I need plenty of time to sort out my thoughts before I speak, and as a result, I'm not much for conversation. But anyways, let's get the stopwatch app going... starting.. NOW!

My first TCBD trade! $30 Robert threw me a bone and I had my first official trade, highlighted by a couple big names for my future 77 setbuild.

Also a pair of '76s. Thanks, Robert!


Next is a surprise PWE from mr. haverkamp...

He finished off my 1987 Fleer set!
Ellis Burks once-hot rookie.
Steve Carlton hanging on.
Big Man Cecil Fielder before he got big.
Greg Minton looks odd as a real photo.. I'm most used to his airbrushed monstrosity from '78 Topps, I think it is.

Thanks, Jim!


Only 3 minutes so far!

Signed 8x10 of Charles Durning from Padrographs Rod to make up for accidentally giving me a Durning auto a while ago. LOL. Looks good! Thanks, Rod!

Made it under 5!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, that was brief! Well done! I failed the challenge miserably, and on top of that I failed to give Daniel credit for the idea. I hate to say this while the Astros and Red Sox are playing, but I like that Rob Andrews card. Anything with those bright orange unis is awesome. I don't think I've ever seen a Carlton card with Cleveland.

  2. 5 minutes (often much less) is easy for me. I'm not much of writer. I could probably whip out one in 5 seconds, lol.

  3. Thanks for the trade Gavin, it is appreciated! I believe that it's Brian Snider (Play at the Plate) that collects Will Clark. I'll forward those cards to him.

  4. Durning was a great actor. I forgot he's been gone for a few years now. Great five minutes spent with you, gav!

  5. Man, I'm fighting to urge to update this post now! LOL Some photos need the brightness adjusted. "TCBD" typo should be TCDB. Oh, and a big typo: "He finished off my 1987 Fleer set!" should be 1987 Fleer UPDATE set! Still need most of the main set.

    Robert.. D'oh, sorry for the bonus card mixup. Thinking about it now, those Will Clarks were likely meant for The Junior Junkie.

  6. Sweet Durning! Congratulations on beating the clock.

  7. Always remember Durning for bring the Dad of Jessica Lange in the movie Tootsie.
    Good job. 👍

  8. Great Post.
    Those 1976 Topps cards bring back memories of childhood. I liked the colors on the 1976, but I guess I had not seen those funky 1975 cards first!!

  9. I would probably fail the five minute post challenge, even if just the text of the post is timed. I still might attempt to do one. Don't know yet. The semi-OCD part of me would count even the editing as part of the time so I'd fail right away as I often edit and re-edit posts before their final posting. I also often have to edit errors after posting as well. After about a week I usually don't do any more editing, unless something glares out at me like a missed spelling error. Some posts are of a nature where a later update is needed. I usually try to add an "updated dd/mm/yyyy" line at the top of the post or the bottom as desired.

    If I don't do a five minute post, it is still a little tempting to post a link post of some of these fantastic 5 minute posts. It might be a bit too late now to gather all of them though. I can't count how many I've read in the last 2 or 3 days.