Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Christian Yelich PC

As we enter the League Championship Series portion of the 2018 MLB Postseason, I'm declaring my rooting interest lies with Milwaukee.

I like the Astros, but they just won last year, so that'd be boring if they won again. I like the Red Sox, but I've hated their manager since his playing days. I don't like the Dodgers, but I like Dodger card bloggers. (Night Owl Cards has seemed a little mopey lately, he could use a win.) But other than Ryan Braun being a douche, the Brewers are the easiest team standing for me to root for right now.

The big name out of Milwaukee this year is Christian Yelich. I started a low-key PC of him a couple years back, when he was a solid young player under the radar in Miami. Now that he's had a breakout season, I've bumped him up the priority list on my wantlist. Would love to build up my Yelich's, so I'd be down to trade for any I don't have.

This is my best Yelich card, a pre-rookie die-cut X-Fractor 2012 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects - Bowman's Best insert.
And the best part of this Bowman?...

12/25! Snagged this on eBay for just $3.13 shipped back in early 2016 while hunting for Christmas Cards. Looks like one of the other 24 copies in existence sold recently for $99.95 Best offer accepted somewhere between $50-80, the only recent sale I can find. So yes, this pickup turned out to be a sweet deal for me!

Some other early cards. I think all of these were under-a-buck card show pickups.

2015, highlighted by a fishfractor.

2016. Looking good.

2017. Some decent parallels here.

Oh, and I've got a Christian Yelich 1/1...

Yep, it's a gimmick. It's actually a gimmick² since not only is it a Topps Vault blank back, but it's the gimmicky "Holiday" (Snowflake) set. Picked this one up last year along with a few others during a recurring Topps Vault sale where they slash the prices on their unsold Buy It Now items.

So yeah, it's just a gimmick of a gimmick, but it didn't cost much and it allows me to say "I've got a Christian Yelich 1/1 in my collection" and not be a liar.

That's all I've got in the PC at the moment. I bid on a couple autos of his last year, but didn't end up winning them. Bummer. But probably someday I'll pick up one. Again, feel free to trade me any of his cards not featured here.

Thanks for reading and Go Crew!!


  1. Yeli has really become an overnight sensation midseason. Anyone that has been paying attention could tell that this kid was going to break out to Superstar levels one day. He won a Gold Glove before his 23rd bday which is pretty impressive. He batted in the 3 hole for Jim Leyland's Team USA World Baseball Classic Championship team in 2017. It wasn't Arenado, Stanton, Mccutchen, Posey, Goldschmidt, Murphy, Hosmer, or Bregman in the heart of the order. No it was this unknown humble scrawny left handed left fielder out there. When asked about him, Leyland said "This kid is going to win a batting title someday." A year later and a trade to Milwaukee fulfilled that prophecy.

    Good luck on your future Yelich pickups. I HATE the Brewers mainly because of Ryan Braun, Rickie Weeks, Prince Fielder era, but I am pulling for them because of Yelich. I hope they represent the NL and lose to Gerrit Cole and Charlie Morton and the rest of the Houston Astros.

  2. Getting out of the cavernous Marlins Park was the best thing for Yelich. I watched him a fair bit the first 2 years since I moved here and was impressed. Move him to a big market and watch those cards take off in value...

  3. I found a 2013 Update Yelich rookie in a doubles box recently and decided to start collecting him. Despite my Cubs fandom, I consider myself a Brewers fan as well, and their players are usually easy to root for (Ryan Braun aside).

  4. I just went on a mini buying spree on COMC picking up a bunch of his 2018 Prizm parallels before they get crazy expensive once he wins the NL MVP.

  5. Great minds think alike. I just brushed off the dust on my very small Yelich PC. Gonna write about it next week.

  6. Two copies of that Yelich X-Fractor /25 have sold in the last year....the one you mentioned ended at $72.01 and another sold last December for $13 plus shipping.

  7. I was able to snag a Yelich signature through the mail early in his career on a Bowman Chrome RC and I'm becoming more and more pleased with its place in my collection. I'll keep an eye out for you!

  8. I am rooting on the Brewers as well