Saturday, October 6, 2018

Card Show Comfort

Bill, my "usual dealer", was back at the monthly card show today after missing the September show. So it was back to my old routine and I spent the whole show going through his bins.. some were 7-for-$5, and some were 50¢ each (He also had some quarter bins out, but they were pretty packed and I didn't feel like elbowing myself in.)

Oh yeah! These Trouts were probably my best finds of the day. The cheapest "Ginter rookie" (his 1st A&G card) on COMC right now is $9.15.

I don't mess with football much, but when I came to a stack of Pat Mahomes II, one of the hottest names in the NFL right now, I snatched them all up. Looks like most of these are going for over 4 bucks a pop on COMC, so good score on my part.



I got a bunch of Rhys Hoskins cards.

Votto. That card in the middle looks creepy, but hey, it's #'d on the back.

2018 AL ROY hopefuls.

2010 Cards Your Mom Threw Out original back variations.

Big Yanks.



More Sox.

Shiny. The Ozzie dupe was on purpose.. just love that card.

I grabbed a bunch of numbered parallels, including these guys.

My lone basketball card pickup of the day, TJ Leaf

Cheap autos and high end Astros.

More refractors.

And a smattering of vintage. I'll have wantlists up for 1974 and 1975 Topps soon, by the way.

Not a bad haul. Among other cards not shown is some trade fodder and more numbered stuff.
Thanks for reading!


  1. People are asking $9 for 2nd year Ginter Trouts on COMC? That's crazy. Nice card show haul. I'm always a fan of the shiny stuff.

  2. Nice haul for sure. Love those Andujar cards and the cheap NC State auto.

  3. Still have some dupes from 74,75. I’ll be waiting for your lists

  4. Great pickups as always. I wished I had a show to go to

  5. Hopefully I'm picking up a big stack of vintage including '74 and '75 tomorrow. Also put a feeler on another mid-70s package - will see what happens.

  6. Tons of great cards . Especially like those Trout and Mahomes cards . Good stuff .