Tuesday, October 9, 2018

a postseason PWE

I had to revisit a pull of mine from back in May. Nothing amazing, but this Brock Holt card is looking pretty good now: a /25 rookie autograph of the only player to ever hit for the cycle in the postseason. Sweet!

And here's a quick incoming trade..

A nice 6-card PWE from GCA. There are three cards for my Flagship Binder, a couple '64s to be potential upgrades for my setbuild, and an oddball for the Tim Blackwell PC.

 Here's my revised page of '62, now with HOF/AS representation.

Thanks to the card from GCA, plus a pair from last weekend's card show (which I've now "remastered" by blow-drying off the wax stains), I'm closer to finishing my page of '63. It's my only page from the decade of the 60s left with vacancies now seeing that...

..the '68 addition from the PWE has now filled that page. Nine pockets of burlap!

I've got a big trade in the works with Bo to make strides with a couple sets, though it might pretty much deplete my tradeable vintage supply for a while, but I'm going to try hanging onto the cards in my Flagship Binder since I've been making good progress and don't want to step backwards too much just yet.

Thanks a lot, Greg! I'll try to dig up some cards to send you back soon.


  1. Sweet auto of the Brock Star!

  2. Love that 62T Aparicio! Those Topps Sporting News cards of the 60's were really awesome.

  3. I think I had left a comment on the post back in May, but I'm still interested in the Holt auto, unless you're looking to hold on to it. I'll send you an email in a little bit.

    1. I emailed you May 8th but didn't hear back. I'm inclined to hang onto it at this point, but always open to offers!

    2. That's weird. It must have gotten eaten by a filter or something. Sorry about that!

      Totally understandable, I'd hold on to it too, lol :)

      I didn't have anything specific in mind for a trade yet, I had only started a small pile of random guys you collect. If I get something awesome in the future that's right up your alley, I'll let you know.