Saturday, October 20, 2018

old customs trade bait

I've recently sorted out the pile of my customs that had been getting out of hand. Some of these are from back in 2015 when I first got into creating and printing out fun cards. I would sometimes end up making more than I needed back then. I try my best to share customs with my trade buddies who would get a kick out of them, but I'm not great at recordkeeping. Say, for example, I made a Kris Bryant card, I'd give a copy to all the Cubs fans I trade with on a regular basis. But I'm pretty bad with remembering who I sent it to, so sometimes I leave someone out or accidentally end up sending a second copy to somebody.

Anyways, I would like to thin out my supply of surplus custom cards. In this post, I'll show photos of what I've got hanging around. Don't be shy.. please speak up for anything you'd like! If I've traded with you before, I can set it/them aside for you and throw them in with the next trade package I send you. And if we haven't traded before, maybe something here will spark a first trade.. so get in touch and we can swing a little deal.

As for my usual spiel: I generally try to get my customs as close to "real" cards as I can (look, size, feel), but at the end of the day, these are homemade cards and aren't perfect. These are for fun, not intended to have monetary value. Generally speaking, I have no problem "reissuing/reprinting" my old customs when I run out and need more. There was a time when I occasionally sold them, but now they're strictly trade-only. I don't put a lot of "value" in these cards, but between the time and supplies that go into the process, I don't exactly want to just give them away, you know? But just trade me a little something and I'll be happy.

So here we go. Again, just let me know in the comments (or via email or Twitter) if you'd be interested in having anything here thrown in with a trade from me!

Ted Williams minor league Goudey style custom, available in both "reprint style" and artificially aged "vintage style".

Not sure why I made so many of this Mattingly Goudey custom! Again, available in new and vintage wear. Please take one or two of these off my hands if it's something you'd be into.

More Mattingly customs! What can I say, I trade a lot with Yankees fans, and Donny Baseball usually goes over well as a bonus surprise.

Some extra Inauthentic Autographs from Ghostbusters stars.

Lovely ladies. It's a shame that Carrie Fisher auto card is destined to never be signed. This is an extra/backup I made. I did have a TTM "success" with one of these.

Bill Murray


Lots of Kris Bryant.

Wade Boggs customs, including some made for TTM requests. He used to be a good signer, but I think I heard he hasn't been so good lately, unfortunately.

More Simpsons cards.

The great Vin Scully. (Update: I hate that the Dodgers just won the pennant. But hey, if i have to frame it in a positive light, I'm happy for Vin Scully.)

Hostess and whatnot.

Not sure why I made so many of that Mike Reinbach card, as he's a pretty obscure dude I collect.

Some "aged" minis.

Lots more minis.

Pretty Girls.

That'll do it. Again, if you want any of these to make their way into the next trade package/PWE I send your way, just say the word!


  1. I am interested in one each of the Wendy from The Sandlot and the Ripken Family cards please. I am working, albeit slowly, on your next trade package.

  2. I'd take that batting circle Beltre if you've got a spare, also one of the Betts and/or Trout Hostesses as well!

  3. Nothing that really fits my collection, but I've gotta give you a round of applause on some excellent work. Your talent never ceases to amaze me.

    1. I agree. The attention to detail in your customs is phenomenal. Well done!

  4. I could use one of the Swifts. Please and thank you.

  5. I'm interested in a few: Ted Williams San Diego, Don Mattingly '88 hockey, Kris Bryant 89 UD (maybe Goudey, too) and Taylor Swift '83. I'd also be interested in a couple original customs if you've got time to make 'em. Let me know what you'd need in return.

    1. Can do. I suppose the commissioned customs would depend on how tricky they were to make, but we could work something out, I'm sure.

  6. If you have another '83 Swift, I'd love for you to throw it in the trade package this week. If not, don't worry about it...looks like two have been claimed.

  7. I can help with your sets. Will send you a proposal on TCDB, would you set aside the McCutchen along with a Colbert and a Madlock? Thx!

  8. If you would set aside a Williams Goudey (I am a sucker for Seals cards), a Wendy Peffercorn and a set of the pretty gals (or at least an AJ and a Lea), you can send them to me when I get these cards mailed to you.

    AND DO NOT SEND THEM SOONER! Only AFTER my box arrives. That's an order, Mister!

  9. Simply amazing. I'm the proud owner of a bunch of these. You have three 9-pocket pages dedicated to your customs in one of my binders. If you end up having an extra 81F Bill Murray, Hostess Altuve, and 2015 Topps Vin Scully... I'd love to add them to my collection.

  10. If they are available, I would love to add these to my collection - Reggie Hostess Mariners, Reggie & Gary Coleman mini, T. Swift 83 Topps and Pretty girls Swift, Emma and Lea. I can spend some time next weekend putting a dent in some of your want lists.

  11. Please add the Pretty Girls to my stack - as many different ones as you have left