Friday, October 26, 2018

The Turrdog takes a big bite out of my 74-85 wants

I've been lucky enough to have been approached with several substantial trades over the past few weeks, punching my wantlists square in their face. I've done a few mutually beneficial trades with Jeffrey, The Turrdog in the past, and this one might be the best. I had a couple HOF autos available for his collection, and he hit me back with lots of good cards for my mid-70s thru mid-80s setbuilds.

The Joy of a Completed Set: 1985 Donruss! This Lee Smith was the final card I needed to put '85 Donruss to bed. The A-Team and Knight Rider pic up top is to honor that time in the mid 80s when black & red was synonymous with badass.

Don't F with 1985 Donruss.

I feel like I'm not cool enough to have the complete set. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm intimidated by it. I have to comb my hair and brush my teeth before I can even look through the cards. I'm worried it may laugh at me or maybe even beat me up. I just hope it accepts me and will let me hang out with it sometimes.

Lee Smith is back again among these nice additions to my '84 Donruss setbuild too. It's a cool set, but not on the same badass level as the following year's offering. I already had the Mattingly, so Carter and Strawberry here pretty much take care of all the big rookies! But there are still several more cards I need, so please check out my wantlist if you can help me out.

I've finished 1982 Topps but there were 4 cards I wanted to upgrade because my copies are a tad creased or whatever.. and thanks to these 3, all I need is a good Jack Morris to have this set finished finished. Ironically I was the one who creased the Jack Morris.. I was blow-drying some wax off the front, but not being careful enough in my wiping and creased it. Lesson learned: small, circular wipes, or from the inside to the outside. Not big up and down wipes.. that's asking for trouble.

A lone '77 Topps for my young setbuild there. I've got another stack of '77s on the way, so that set should be off and running soon.

Nice stack of '79s! I'm not "officially" building this set yet (meaning I haven't worked up a have/wantlist yet) but great to get my foot in the door with it. Some good ones here in this starter lot, for sure.

Nice stack of 1976! Looking forward to updated my wants with these soon and see where I'm at.

Super happy with this lot of '75s!

Finally, the pièce de résistance, a big-ass lot of 1974 Topps! This is going to cut down the wantlist in a major way. There are likely bigger names in here than Willie Horton and Davey Lopes, but I was in a rush taking these photos this morning before work and haven't had a chance to go through them all yet.

Huge thanks, Turrdog! This was a hell of a trade and I very much appreciate you doing so much damage to my set needs!

And thanks to the rest of you for reading. Have a great World Series weekend!


  1. Congrats on completing the Donruss set!

  2. Nothing wrong with a good punch in the face--card wise.

    Great haul!

  3. Red and black is bad ass! I'm looking forward to the Donruss retro set next year.

  4. Lol. Never considered 85D badass until now. I like it.