Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Cardboard Overload (+ sweet Kershaw autograph)

Too many incoming cards to post about! It's a good problem to have, though. I was home with the flu all weekend and Monday. The cards just kept coming.

Even on Sunday! A Priority box from Zippy Zappy showed up, which isn't something you'd expect from the USPS on a Sunday, but I guess they're ramped up for the holidays. And shortly afterwards, Rod from Padrographs stopped by my place to bestow a couple thousand cards or so on me. These are going to take a while for me to sort and post about!

Then today I got a few more cards in the mail, including a package consisting of an empty magnetic one-touch from Billy at Cardboard History. Ha, thanks, Billy! Also great cards from Dennis, Nick, and a big eBay win.

But yeah, I don't know what to post about first. And I'm pretty much fried from the flu, so that's not helping.

Oh, and congrats to gcrl for winning my flash 900th Post contest, just narrowly beating out Tony Burbs by a few seconds. I feel I should scrounge up a few Cubs as a consolation prize.

Ok, that all was written Monday but I didn't get around to posting. Was feeling ok enough to come into work today, but still a bit "out of it".

Let's show off that aforementioned big eBay win:

Finally added a Kershaw auto to my collection, and went big by ponying up for one that was licensed, on-card, and #'d 12/25.

While this isn't the one-touch Billy sent me (twas a hair too small), I was able to use that one to swap out with a Giancarlo mani-relic that fit Billy's case perfectly, and the case it had been in fit the Kershaw perfectly. How nice!

That rainbow foil sure looks nice in the light!

You might be like, Gavin, why not sit on that awesome Christmas Card until Christmas? Sorry, bro, too much stuff to post about. Box breaks on Christmas, assuming my in-laws came through for me. One-card posts are low-hanging fruit, so there you go.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Awesome Kershaw 'Christmas' card! That's a real gem there.

    Hope you're feeling better today. Forget laughter, cards are the best medicine!

  2. Someday I'll find the rest of them and you'll actually get a box, not just a bubble mailer, lol

  3. NIce! Kershaw is the man.

    Glad you are on the mend.

  4. Nice Kershaw! And that .gif is one of my all-time favorite Simpsons moments.

  5. Nice Christmas Kershaw! I've been a fan of Topps 5 Star on-card autographs for a few years now. Simple... yet beautiful design.

  6. Congrats. Nice looking Kershaw

  7. Man, those Five Star card a beautiful. What a great addition to your collection!