Friday, December 16, 2016

Cards of Merriment and Joyousness

Looks like my Holiday Blast is in full effect across the nation. Well, if Kenny all the way over in NY got his, I'm assuming the rest I sent the same day have either shown up yesterday or will today. Call it a narcissistic goal, but I'd love to make it a full week with "cards from Baseball Card Breakdown" posts posted on the cardsphere. That'd be cool, right?! Already at 2 consecutive days going for me (Dec 14, Dec 15), though I don't think I've gotten one yet today and the hour is growing dark.

I got some nice incoming card packages over the past few days. Let's take a look.

Here's a surprise 1-card PWE courtesy of Trevor over at Bump and Run Cards. And what better for a Christmastime surprise than a Christmas Card! A card trumpeting Chase Utley's times being hit by a pitch (specifically the 17th time out of 25 times total on the year) is a bit of an odd card, but it's serial numbered 12/25, and so I will take it to the grave with me. Big thanks, Trevor!!

-  -- - ---o

Next up is Tim B. from the blog Wish They Still Smelled Like Cardboard Nobody's Got Time For. (Sorry, I'm drafting this at work and have had a couple work beers to ring in the weekend.) He's had a busy year and I don't think we had swapped cards yet in 2016, but I'm glad we were able to reconnect here in mid December. He hooked me up with some great stuff.

It was June that I last was able to check a card off my 2014 Chrome Black setbuild, so this Aaron Rowand is very appreciated! And while I've got that Gavin LaValley-- several copies, in fact, thanks to getting in on some group player breaks-- it's a welcome sight.

Quick aside... another Gavin, Gavin Lux is featured in 2016 Bowman Draft. I put in what I thought were very competitive bids for his slot in about a dozen group breaks and I got decimated in each auction. So yeah, while my Gavin LaValley 2014 Bowman Draft rainbow is pretty impressive, I will not be rainbowing Gavin Lux's 2016 Bowman Draft card due to financial infeasibility. I'll just have to be happy with eventually landing his base card, base auto, and maybe a parallel or two.

When I came to this card, I was like, huh? I thought maybe the wrong card got slipped in the package.. was this meant for Giant fan Sport Card Collectors or somebody? But nope, turn it over...

Christmas Card!!!!!!!!1

Here's a Sparky and a Trout. (mmmm.. seared trout)

Limited edition!

These aren't just any 2016 Topps cards, but rather the much more scared Lids/New Era versions. Very nice! I actually already had the Cutch (with an expensive Padres hat to prove it), so it's available for trade.

2011 parallels! Utley makes another appearance in this post. Cashner was/is a PC guy, so that's a bonus. Zimmermann's pretty good, right? The purple refractors are /250.

Diamonds! Diamonds! I haven't had a chance to update my wantlist with these, but looks like a great lot with some big names.

Larry Walker legend variation!

Freddie Freeman RC!

Awesome.. thanks, Tim!!!

- - - ----o

Next is a nice "Operation PWE" package from Stealing Home.

Johnsons and Schmidts. (or, crude slang, dicks n' shits) Love that minor league pic.

Here's a #'d mini and an autographed Neshek. Sweet!

More cards!

Dodgers I happen to collect!

Some current dudes I collect, including a Rizzo RC back on those happy days when he was a Padre.


At this point my wife was calling me for dinner, so here's a rushed shot of some other keepers in the package.

Thanks a bunch, buddy!

Thanks again, Trevor, Tim, and OM for the thoughtful cards! Very appreciated.

See you next time.


  1. Nice Ward!that Larry walker is pretty sharp.

    I had a nice surprise from Bump AND Run as well that I need to post. A little behind on posting things recently. Hopefully by end of December I will be caught up.

  2. What's going on inside the P of Pat Neshek's auto? Are those baseball seams?
    Oh, and I got you covered on the 16th. My post went live four minutes after this one did. LOL
    Thanks again for the great cards and the superb customs!

    1. Yup, those are indeed baseball seams. He might add those especially bc he's a pitcher.

  3. I'm glad they arrived safely, Gav! I've been running around a bit today, but I'm hoping to post about your PWE to me before too late here.

  4. Happy as always to send some stuff that fits your various collecting interests. I'll be posting about the package I received from you in the next few days. Thanks!

  5. very nice additions...always love to see mini serial numbers...and Bryce Harper.