Saturday, December 10, 2016

Cards from Cards on Cards from Cards on Cards

Swung a sweet trade with fellow Portland card-blogger Kerry from Cards on Cards recently.

I picked up the Topps Throwback Thursdays set inspired by this card a while back, and figured I should get around to adding the original to my little Jeter PC, and Kerry graciously hooked me up.

This George Brett jersey swatch was the catalyst for the deal. Kerry was lucky enough to pull it from a retail pack and was looking to swap it for redbirds, which I was definitely interested in helping him with. A couple other nice looking Brett cards along for the ride. With the relic to go along with the auto I picked up last year, just his iconic 1975 RC needed to complete a Brett trifecta. Someday!

Kerry also pulled this sweet 2016 Donruss Optic black bordered parallel 15/25, an excellent addition to my Cutch PC.

McCutchen's future teammate? If they trade for him, and he and Harper put up numbers in the range of their MVP years, look out.
Good boost to my Bryce PC here.

A couple legends.

Carlos Correa and Trea Turner, a couple slick young shortstops.

More slick young shortstops!

And some other dudes I collect.
I opened lots of 2016 Archives-- well, 2 hobby boxes and a blaster-- and the terrible collation gave me many doubles and even several triples. But I didn't pull the Trout base card. Kerry kindly helped me plug that PC hole.

Great stuff! Thanks, man! Hope you like all I sent your way.

See you next time.


  1. Nice pickups. That Trevor Story is Nuts!

    1. Ha! I see you what you did there!
      I actually saw the Modesto Nuts play in 2015, but Story played for them in 2014... just missed him.
      I was happy to see the Nats make a trade yesterday to open up SS for Turner this year.