Thursday, December 8, 2016

Snow Day

Portland doesn't get much snow, so when it does snow here, it's a good excuse to take the day off and not stress over the chaotic commute.

 That means a fun day at home with the pup.

She likes catching snowballs.

She even wrote her name in the snow. Of course, being an illiterate dog, she doesn't know letters, so she drew her face instead.

And a little something for the papa.

But you came here for baseball cards. And you're in luck because Matt over at Bob Walk The Plank just sent me a few good ones!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and this 12/25 auto of one of my top PC guys at the moment is a great addition! Despite the design looking stickerish, those squiggles are on-card, which is nice.

I just showed off a 2016 Topps Chrome Travis Jankowski auto I got the other day, and Matt was concerned he may have just dropped a dupe my way. But nope, the card I got previously was the base, unnumbered version.. this here is the purple /250 parallel.. very cool!

Some trade rumors around Jankowski.. Rangers asking about him? Hmm.. I hope he sticks around.

Oh, speaking of Padres moves.. did you hear they stole away Cardsphere Hero Luis Torrens from the Yankees (via the Reds) in the Rule 5 draft?!! I'm excited about that (while also wishing Zippy Zappy my somber condolences) and hope he sticks around and flourishes in San Diego.

And the last card is this Trout RC reprint. Funny story behind this is that Matt emailed me a while back saying he had a 2011 Update Trout for me. So I had kinda be expecting it, and made reference to it the other day when I ripped some 2011 Update, unsuccessfully hoping to pull one. Matt then gave me a heads-up that there was a switch and the reprint was sent instead, but would be getting me out a real one soon. Ha, that would be a good way to punk a fellow trader.. send them a reprint of the card they were expecting. But no, this one is fine too!

Great stuff! Big thanks for the cards, Matt! I'll be getting a return package out in the mail to you very soon.


  1. Hold up.

    That is all the snow needed for you to NOT drive into work? That's a frigging Tuesday around here. And 30 minutes of a Tuesday in the greater Buffalo area.

    You Portland wusses.

    1. Sounds like somebody's jealous!


      We do rain in Portland. Lots and lots of rain. But the measurable snow we get once every couple years trips us up a bit. Obviously if it snowed here frequently like Chicago and Buffalo we'd have our shit together better.

  2. Did every Padres fan ditch work today? I took a very rare "day off" today as well.

  3. With my first winter working for a school district, I have my fingers crossed for a snow day or two myself. Coming from a job where I used to have to work almost everyday, even Christmas, no matter what, it's a nice change of pace.

    Anywho, that purple Jankowski is a beaut!

  4. My area gets a nice dose of all four seasons. It usually takes a monster snow to shut down the town.

    Glad you liked the cards and sorry for the almost prank. I'll get you the other Trout soon enough.

  5. Seattle finally got its snow last nigh and this morning. The roads looked decent but I took the day off anyway because this city does not do snow at all.

  6. And then it rained a bit last night, so it's basically like a slick ice world out there. Lame. Looks like I'm going into work late today, hoping it melts off soon, as is forecast.

  7. My dog used to do that too when she was young enough.

    One time I bought what was supposed to be a 1956 Topps Vic Janowicz football card from eBay. When I got it, it was an Archive reprint. The seller was cool about returning it. Kinda knew it shouldn't have been that cheap...

  8. Cute doggy. Let's hope for the best of Torrens the Padre.