Friday, December 30, 2016

"Sign Here" cards

I was checking out Gavin Lux 2016 Bowman Draft autos the other day (still too pricey for me.. yikes. Too bad his pre-Dodgers cards haven't appreciated in value much yet, as I've got a bunch of those) and came across this one:

I always assumed the card company representatives probably provided an example card like this just to remove any question the signer might have as to where to sign, but this was the first time I actually saw one.

Then I checked around and found a few more examples... (I don't own any of the cards in this post; just snagged pics off eBay.)

This "signature" got kinda cut off somehow.. weird.
While it seems the Gavin Lux card up top accidentally got packed out (pulled from a pack, according to the seller), the other three apparently slipped into circulation by a Topps representative looking to make a few extra bucks ("backdoored" is the term, I believe).

These are kinda neat. I don't think I'd pay a ton for one of these, but I could see myself throwing in a reasonable bid for such a card of a guy I collect.

Any of you have a "Sign Here" card of anyone?

Circling back to Gavin Lux, another thing I noticed when looking at his recent auto cards, sometimes he only signs his last name.

The first card in this lot, you can tell he signed "Gavin Lux" but then by the next two, looks like he got lazy and just signed an approximation of "Lux". Hard to blame the guy, chugging through probably at least a couple thousand or so cards to sign, though obviously I'd prefer to get the Gavin in there. Looks like all of his 2016 Bowman Draft auto cards feature the abbreviated signature, while about 20% of his 2016 Bowman's Best autos include the Gavin. Kind of interesting!


  1. Hmmm, never seen one of those "Sign Here" boilerplates before. One of those would definitely make for a neat oddity.

  2. That is really cool - I'd like to think that a handful of those are the player just being a smartass on the first card.

  3. Looking at the signatures, the bottom three were all signed there by the same person. I don't think they did the top one though the H does have the characteristic open crossbar, so maybe they did. Great find!

    1. Actually, looking's absolutely the same signer. Look at the S in "Sign" and the dot over the I (it's actually called a tittle) being over the G in sign.

    2. Yeah, those 3 were all from the same eBay seller, so it's likely they were from the same Topps representative, whom I assume was the "signer".

  4. That is interesting. I never knew cards like this even existed. The closest thing to this I ever saw was a '96 Bowman Autographs Karim Garcia that was missing the autograph.

  5. I've never seen anything like those either. At first I thought maybe they were rubber stamped (which would sort of make sense) but that look to be signed by the same person as you noted.

  6. Would be kinda cool own one of those

  7. It's the last day of the year and I learned something new. Nice! I didn't know about the "Sign Here" cards.
    Gavin Lux is the first Lux in professional baseball... so I guess he can get away with signing only his last name.