Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Holiday Blast

M for Mom? She came through with a super high-end box of baseball cards for me to break on my upcoming birthday. Pretty damn excited for it! With my luck, it'll be a Henry Owens hot box, but who knows, maybe I'll pull something to almost halfway justify the SRP. Check back on the 24th and we'll see what I pull.

In addition to waiting for the mail, I spent much of my day off yesterday working on little surprises for some lucky trader buddies. Remember last year I sent out a bunch of LaMarr Hoyt Santa ornament cards? Ha, I hope those of you who got one remember to put it on the tree this year! This year's gift is another fun one, though a bit more evergreen.

Oh yeah, I also did those Cardsphere Heroes customs last year. Those were fun, but there won't be a 2016 version of them. Unlike Topps, I don't feel obligated to put out certain products every year (Seriously, would it kill them to alternate Ginter and Gypsy Queen every other year? It'd probably help keep the sets fresh and boost sales.)

Anyways, I hope to get those mailings out this coming weekend. Gonna try to get 24 or 25 of them done.

Now let's check out a few random cards from my latest COMC order.

I went looking for fun Adventure Time autos and ended up with this Erik Estrada hard-signed card (and I do mean hard signed; you can see the indentation of the pen. Also, I'm pretty sure he had an erection when he signed this; They don't call him King Worm for nothing!). He's probably best known for his time on the 70s tv show CHiPs. I remember him fondly as the voice of Marco on SeaLab 2021. But yeah, another cool non-sports for my pop culture autos collection, along with recent pickups Val Kilmer and Arsenio Hall.

A fine addition to my Manuel Margot PC. 2017 NL ROY.. calling it now!

Or maybe I'm wrong and he'll be a bust on the level of another former Padres prospect such as...

I've been enjoying these campy Spokane Indians "mall cards" on the blogs lately, mainly on Baseball Cards Come To Life, and was happy to find one that fit nicely into my own collection. Dave Staton was an upcoming stud I remember being excited about back in my early days of collecting. He never got it together in the majors, but at least he's got this funky minor league card. Looks like he's in some herbal wellness store.. the box behind him seems to say Nature's Way Herb Garden and looks like there are various supplements on the shelves.

I grabbed a lot of Cubs in my COMC order, mostly loading up on trading fodder for my many Northside faithful trader buddies, but here are 3 for me. Always love adding to my Rod Beck PC, especially a sweet numbered Pacific parallel. Rizzo is a recent PC, and that Museum Collection card is pretty nice. That Turkey Red card is Phil Nevin. Gotta admit I saw that card on Tony Burb's wantlist and tracked it down as his only mainstream Cubs card. Sorry, Tony, but I collect the former Padres slugger, so I think I got to hang onto this one for the PC. But if it's any consolation, you're included in my holiday blast mailings!

Thanks, guys. See you next time.


  1. Nice Estrada! To celebrate I made you some of Mama Marquez's Famous Tamales. With just a pinch of cinnamon! CINNAMON!

  2. That's perfect consolation - your LaMarr Hoyt Santa ornament hangs proudly on my tree this year as well. I eagerly anticipate this year's edition!

  3. That Rod Beck card is glorious. Flashing that card could probably get you entrance into the Premier Travel lounge at the airport, and maybe a discount on a drink.

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you pull from that box. You sure have one hip mom.

  5. Sealab 2021 was such an amazing show.