Friday, December 9, 2016

Stranger Things custom set by PunkRockPaint

You might recall I put together a little 9-card Stranger Things custom set of my own back in September. Travis at PunkRockPaint recently one-upped me with an impeccably crafted set complete with throwback box and wrappers.

You cardsphere old-timers likely remember PunkRockPaint as a fun blog featuring lots of cool customs and the like. (He's a Padres fan too! A Padres card-collector who makes quirky customs? It's like I have a twin!) Sadly, he doesn't blog much anymore, but you can still find him on Twitter, @PunkRockPaint.

Travis put out a really cool Star Wars inspired baseball sticker set a few months back, and I nearly pulled the trigger, but ultimately held off. This time he was offering his Stranger Things sets pre-ordered for the price of a blaster, and I went for it.

Comes in a cool box similar to old retail boxes of packs. Took a pic of me holding it so you can get a sense of scale.

4 packs, but 2 are dupes besides the alternate wrapper, so you get 2 complete sets of cards total.

Even the wrappers look pretty authentic!

Here's the first pack. Love the police cards! The fake Eggo gum is a nice touch.

Second pack in highlighted by faux stickers.

Here's a taste of the backs. As you can see, I got set #35 out of 100 produced (I think they've sold out already). I'm excited to take some time giving the cards a closer look and reading everything shortly.

So yeah, there you go. Awesome set of customs paying tribute to one of the best shows of the year. Great work, Travis!


  1. I started saying "Holy Crap!" with the first image, and kept going all throughout the post. That's just phenomenally well done... And I haven't even seen the show yet (too many shows, not enough time).

  2. I have to catch that show. Friends have recommended it but I haven't taken the plunge.

  3. I forgot what a legend PunkRockPaint was. These are so good!

  4. These cards are awesome! But I actually think the wax packs and box are the coolest thing about this product. I'm so bummed they're sold out.

  5. Of all the strange things that have happened in 2016, Stranger Things was one of the best. Thanks for showing off the set!

  6. These are awesome! I should have pulled the trigger. I'm kicking myself now.

  7. That is some seriously impressive production work/attention to detail. Thoroughly impressed.