Wednesday, June 21, 2017

big fun game - post 17: Julie cuts it up; now Billy's in the catbird seat

Julie pondered pulling off a steal, but ultimately took a chance unveiling door 11..

It's the die-cut lot. Yep, if you like funky-shaped baseball cards, this is the lot for you! The highlight here is probably the Carlos Gomez autograph #'d 25/25. Also a couple of Julie's Tigers, fittingly enough.

That brings up Billy in the cleanup spot, two outs in the bottom of the ninth. What's it gonna be, Billy? A daring theft, or will we close out the game right here with number ten? All down to you!

1. Wade Boggs simpsons auto (stolen once)
2. Al Hrabosky auto
3. Jesse Orosco auto
4. vintage lot
5. JR Richard auto
6. Mister Fister
7. Charlie Hayes auto
8. Andre Dawson auto
9. Tony Oliva auto (stolen once)
10. ?
11. die-cut lot
12. customs lot (stolen once)
13. mini lot
14. George Foster auto
15. Sy Berger contracts


  1. I do believe I'm going to have to steal...the Wade Boggs Simpsons autograph. The show is so important to my life that I simply must have it...sorry to whoever I'm stealing it from, but as soon as I saw it come up I knew I was going to claim it. It will go nicely with the full set I already purchased from you, and my extensive collection of Simpsons memorabilia!

  2. nice lot of cards! thank you! i esp like the Petrick. It will look nice in my catchers binder - proving of course it isn't stolen in the final round. Billy made a nice grab!

  3. Nice move. I can always say I sorta had a Simpsons Boggs auto in my collection.