Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Still strivin' for 65 n' whatnot

During COMC's recent Spring Cleaning sale, I made a big push to try getting myself over 90% complete with 1965 Topps. I basically went down my needs list, snatching up anything in decent condition at a decent price. I was specifically trying to knock off the "commons" I need so I can focus on the big boys as I enter the final stretch with this set.

Here's the lot I brought home. A few familiar names in there. Not bad!
Unfortunately I fell just short of my goal of hitting 90%, as I'm still 3 cards away from that milestone, sitting at 89.5% after checking in this order. At this point, what's left are HOFers, fan favorites, and a few straggler commons that I haven't been able to find cheap for whatever reason.

I've got one more '65 on the way, actually. Remember that hypothetical question I posed a few days ago about getting an incorrect card in an order? Yep, as you might've guessed, I was asking for myself. I've ordered from COMC over a dozen times, and this was the first time I ever had a problem in my order (they're way more accurate than Just Commons or Sportlots, in my experience). But I ordered a '65 Indians team card, and wound up with...

..a 1962 Yankees team card. Through some sleuthing, I was able to identify this specific copy of the card on the site. In defense of the guy who mispulled the card, they're both vintage team cards and their item numbers were pretty close. Objectively, the '62 is a better card, featuring the reigning champs and a nice group of legends huddled together. I emailed the staff about it over the weekend, and they got back to me this morning saying sorry for the mix-up, and the correct card was now on the way, and I could go ahead and keep the Yankees card. Sweet! I think I'll shoehorn this into my Mickey Mantle PC (New vintage Mantle.. count it! lol), even though the only guy I can confidently identify in the picture is Yogi (far right, middle row).

I also snatched up a few inexpensive '57s as I slowly creep along with that set.

And a couple reasonably priced stars for my 2004 Topps Chrome Black Refractor parallel set. Just love these cards and like picking them up when I can.

And speaking of eye-catching black refractors, I also picked up a few 2015 Topps Gallery of Greats inserts. Sorry for the penny sleeve glare here. But yeah, these are beautiful cards.

So there's my recent COMC order. Feels like I've been getting a lot from them lately. But that Spring Cleaning sale was a good one, and I jumped at their special offer for a free shipping voucher and took advantage of it. At this point in my strive for '65, I'll probably have to turn my attention to eBay for deals on the bigger names.

Thanks for checking out the haul with me! Check back tomorrow for a special post.


  1. Nice gets! I'm planning on making my first COMC order in the next month or so, and I'm kinda surprised I've never bought from them before.

  2. That '65 Cuellar makes me tingly! Oh rats, wrong post!