Monday, June 26, 2017

More card show quarterboxing

These 2016 Stadium Club "Members Only" parallels aren't serial numbered, but rumored to have a print run of like only 7 or something like that. So even a "who?" player like J.T. Realmuto here was a no-brainer to add to the stack for a quarter. Apparently he's the Marlins' starting catcher, so that's cool.

I usually stay away from Diamond Kings, but these two are numbered out of 400, I think, so I caved. That middle one is Craig Biggio, not Clint Howard, FYI.

Some young dudes. Surprised to find that Austin Hedges RC I didn't recognize.

I recently (re)started a little Kirby Puckett PC. He's got tons of cards out there, so shouldn't take me long to get him into my Hundred Card Club. I really want a certified auto, but they're obviously expensive.

A little vintage. I've already got the Bill Madlock rookie, but this copy was so damn pack-fresh I couldn't pass it up, figuring it'd probably be an upgrade for me. The '64 Bobby Wine is more off-center than I prefer (like to at least have a sliver of a complete border), but was a need for my setbuild, so figured I could spend a quarter on it. And the Pitching Leaders card has been forever marked as Sheryl's (?), but hey, adding a vintage Warren Spahn to my collection for cheap, works for me!

Here are some pitchers. I suspect I already have the '88 Score Rookie/Traded Goose, but it's a terrific looking card.

Rickey and Reggie, Friends Forever, paired up on a 1983 Fleer 2-card subset puzzle, plus an oddball of each. I knew Rickey played for a lot of teams during his incredible career, but had forgotten about his stint on the Pepsi team when he broke the stolen base record. lol

Sox content. A couple Mookies, and looks like I'm a Rafael Devers prospector, Boston's third baseman of the future.

Nats content. Love those Chrome Commencements inserts, so grabbed it even though I don't collect this guy.

Some old-timers. 1984 Donruss could have done with less awkward headshots like that Perez.

Let's wrap up today's post with this group of miscellaneous cards. Anyone need that Piazza Pizzazz card? I already have it, but it's so great that it's hard for me to pass up. The Marc Newfield seems to be an IP auto to somebody whose name I can't quite make out.. Christian or Christina maybe?

Thanks for reading. Still a few more pickups to show off soon.


  1. He's no Muto wanna-be... He's a REALmuto! (Ba-dum-bum) Thanks, I'll be here all week! Tip your waitstaff.

    Man, I love those two-card SuperStar Specials like "Speed & Power". Someone really needs to do cards like that.

  2. Wish I could sit here and appreciate those 83F Speed & Power cards more... but that Biggio/Howard comparison messed with my mind. Lol.

  3. you had some fun! If you want to set Piazza aside for me, that would be great! within the next week, the ban is lifting! Yay!