Thursday, June 22, 2017

big fun game - post 20: Rod wraps things up; The end

Rod was raised never to steal, and so had no choice but to take the final remaining mystery prize..

It's a lot of miscellaneous certified autograph cards, with Jeff Conine being the best known name here. None of these are Padrographs, the focus of Rod's collection, but hey, perhaps a couple of them will come in handy as trade fodder in his travels.

Thanks again to everyone for playing, and also to those of you just reading along at home.

I'll plan to pack up the cards this weekend and get everything mailed out soon. To those of you who ended up with lackluster prizes, well, I'll try to throw in a surprise bonus or something to cheer you up. If any of you want to work out trades between yourselves, have at it and let me know if you agree to a deal and I can reroute the prizes in question. Otherwise, well, I hope you're able to use the unwanted cards in a trade with someone down the line, at least.

But hopefully you ended up with something that sticks in your collection. It started out slowly, but picked up steam after a while and I think it lived up to its name as a Big Fun Game. One of you should keep the games going and run one yourself if you want.

Here's the final results:

1. Wade Boggs simpsons auto (stolen twice - locked) - BILLY
2. Al Hrabosky auto - SHOEBOX SHANE
3. Jesse Orosco auto - MATT STUPIENSKI
4. vintage lot - FUJI
5. JR Richard auto - CORKY
6. Mister Fister - GCRL
7. Charlie Hayes auto - MATT PRIGGE
8. Andre Dawson auto (stolen once) - TURRDOG
9. Tony Oliva auto (stolen once) - BRIAN O'
10. misc. auto lot - ROD
11. die-cut lot - JULIE
12. customs lot (stolen once) - NICK
13. mini lot - BO
14. George Foster auto - JBF
15. Sy Berger contracts - JOHN MILLER


  1. Thank you for doing this! It was fun, even though I missed the earlier rounds and totally forgot I signed up for it. I'd like to send a package of cards to you as a proper thank you. I'll take a look at your PC want list. By the way, I'm very happy with how the game turned out!

  2. Thanks for the great game Gavin, I've got a PWE headed your way next week!

  3. That was really fun, thanks for doing it! Since I already have the two custom minis you can reroute them to who I stole from if he wants them.

  4. That was big fun, Gavin! Thanks!

  5. Big Thanks, and I second the motion for someone to start up another game.

  6. Thanks for doing this Gavin! I'm not doing exactly a BFG, but I am holding a BIG FUN contest in very near future! :D

  7. Nice job, Gavin! Sorry I missed out.

  8. Thanks for the fun game! While I can't do a BFG either, I will have something similar real soon. . .

  9. Thanks, Gavin! 'Twas a lot of fun, and can't wait to add even more of your great customs to my binders.

  10. i had fun with this! thanks for hosting! you can expect a trade package from me mid to late July as the trade ban will be lifted by that time. ;) I have some good stuff headed your way!