Monday, January 1, 2018

My 2018 Box Busting Schedule and more

This plan worked well for me in 2017, and so I'm keeping it going in 2018. I got a bunch of discounted boxes on Black Friday, and I'm rationing them out throughout the coming year. The ol' delayed gratification. Something to look forward to.. don't underestimate it. A nice, regular ripping fix. Also keeps me from spending too much on retail; don't feel like I have to buy something just to buy something.

Here's how my schedule looks for the year:

Jan - 2017 Topps Archives Signature Series 'Active Player Edition' Baseball Box
I typically stay far away from the pricey one-card boxes Topps has been cranking out lately, but in a weak moment, added this one to my order. I'm already regretting it, so I'm putting it first so I can get it over with.

Feb - 2016 Topps Strata Baseball Hobby Box
For the same price as the Archives Signature box, I picked up this 2-card box.

Mar - 2016 Bowman Platinum Baseball Hobby Box
This was the most expensive item in my Black Friday order.

Apr - 2016 Topps Chrome Update Baseball Mega Box

May - 2013 Panini Pinnacle Baseball Hobby Box

Jun - 2018 Topps Archives hobby box x2 (pending purchase)
Not in-hand yet, of course, but I'll likely keep up my tradition of pre-ordering up a couple boxes of Topps Archives. Penciled these in for June, but depending on the actual release date, may end up switching with another month.

Jul - 2017 Panini Stars and Stripes Baseball Hobby Box

Aug - 2016 Bowman Baseball Fat Pack
I didn't quite end up with enough boxes to get me through the year, so a couple months will be sparse, with packs instead of boxes.

Sep - 2017 Panini Father's Day Multi-Sport Pack + 2017 Panini National Gold VIP Party Pack

Oct - 2015 Topps Complete Baseball Factory Set - Nolan Ryan medallion edition
Picked up the 2015 Factory Set for the price of a blaster. I had been after that Kris Bryant #616 RC for a long time, so hey, this works, plus I get the rest of the set too.

Nov - 2009 Upper Deck Signature Stars Baseball Hobby Box
I ordered one of these last year, but turns out they were out of stock and I ended up with store credit. But this time, I snagged one.

So there's what's lined up for me. Yeah, it can be tough to know they're right there waiting to be opened, but I just label them and hide them away out of sight, and then it's not so bad.

- - --o

Blog goals and stuff.

Here are my yearly post totals:
►  2017 (257)
►  2016 (254)
►  2015 (280)
►  2014 (283)
►  2013 (93)

My posts were up slightly in 2017 over 2016, but several of those were from the Big Fun Game, which consisted of many quick posts over the course of 2 or 3 days, so I can't celebrate too hard there. Still though, not that bad.

I feel like I fell into too many "check out these cards I've gotten recently" posts in 2017. While posts like that are the backbone of the cardsphere, I would like to do more different posts. Photoshop fun.. customs.. gifs.. quirky shit like that. I feel like those are the types of posts that put my blog on the map and I've gotten away from them somewhat over the past couple years. Those posts generally take more time/work/thought and I guess I've been busy/lazy. But yeah, I hope to do more "outside the box" posts in 2018.

As far as collecting goals, I'll probably hit those in another post tomorrow or the next day.

But hey, it's the 1st of the month, so let's rip January's box.

Last time (only time so far) I opened a box of Archives Signature, I hit a nice one with Bo Jackson. Will my luck continue?

Well, definitely not a big hit, but could do worse than Odubel Herrera. (For example, Henry Owens is in this product.) Herrera is a solid young player with the Phillies. Was an All-Star in 2016. I like the mathematically pleasing 33/99 serial number.

- - ---o

Wallet Card stuff.

Time to retire 2017's wallet card.

Thumbing through my Gwynn dupes, I went with an UD Masterpieces card for 2018's wallet card. I was a little reluctant to sacrifice such a card for the cause, but hey, it was pretty off-center anyways. I'm curious how the canvas stock will hold up for a year in my wallet.

While out walking my dog today by a statue, I decided to take a few pics to ring in the new year.

Ha, I snapped this photo just in time, as it's falling off the bread.

- - - ---o

Oh hey, congrats to Dimebox Nick for winning my big contest yesterday! The Chargers beat the Raiders with a combined score of 40 points, which was Nick's assigned number.

But this contest had a twist!!....

Yes, TWO identical prize packages! That means we've got a second-chance winner to find. Let's not drag this one out, but if you'd like to enter, comment below specifically stating you'd like to be in the running for the second-chance prize. (Must have entered the prior contest to be eligible.) And we'll random it off in a day or two. (UPDATE: entry period is now closed.)

Thanks for reading and Happy 2018, everybody!


  1. I'm in ... if only for the Don Larsen auto.

  2. I am interested in being in for a second chance.

  3. Hey, I was going to comment anyway, so I'm in! Could you detail how the wallet card works? I posted about wanting to do one for 2018 but don't know details. Any help would be appreciated! Happy New Year friends!

    1. Yeah, you should take part in wallet card! There's not much to it. You just pick a card you really like (preferably a dupe you won't mind destroying), put it in your wallet, and try to remember to pull it out for a photo once in a while (hopefully in interesting situations) and share them on your blog or Twitter or whatever. Some like to keep the same one for the long haul, and some (like me) like to start fresh with a new one each year. But yeah, whatever you wanna do! Sometimes I award prizes, though it's not really a competitive thing.

    2. Awesome. Not sure if I have a particular one picked out, but we're driving back from California on Friday with some interesting stops planned so I'll take what I can get!

    3. For me, I just couldn't do that to a baseball card, even one of those worthless commons I pulled 8 of out of '92 Donruss Studio. B^)

      Count me in for the contest!

  4. I'd like to be in for the second chance. Thanks!

  5. Second chance sounds good to me! Happy 2018!

  6. Sure, count me in, and thanks!

  7. i am hereby specifically stating that i'd like to be in the running for the second-chance prize

  8. I'm in, thanks! If you want another copy of that Gwynn card I have six extras to trade (I have a ton of cards from that set).

  9. I hope you frame that retired wallet card. It deserves to be in a museum.

    P.S. I love 2nd chances ;)

  10. Fractionally, that card reduces to 1/3 so that's pretty good, right?

    Random thought: I've always remembered Gwynn as a heftier player but everytime I see cards of him now, he seems about average.

    Oh, and I'm specifically in for a second chance!

  11. "I feel like I fell into too many "check out these cards I've gotten recently" posts in 2017."

    This is how I've felt the last two-plus years on my blog. I don't know whether it's in my head or not, but I feel I've gotten away from more original, non-look-what-I-got stuff that I used to post (not that anything from back then was all that original to begin with). Hopefully 2018 will bring about a bit of change in that department. (And thanks again for the contest!)

  12. Count me in for the second-chance prize por favor.

  13. I still don't know how you are able to hold out on opening stuff, but it sounds fun, at least in theory.

  14. Nice Larsen auto. Put me in if you wanna!

    Other than that, from my post yesterday I felt the same exact way as you. I need to go back to my blogging roots when I first started to post as I feel all of mine are posts about what I have gotten. I agree, it's the main thing in the blogging world to discuss. I look forward to your upcoming changes ahead with your fun ones.

  15. Happy New Year! Enjoy busting all those boxes this year!

  16. 09 Signature Stars has got some huge names in it. Hopefully it pans out for you. I've tried a few times, but struck out.

  17. I'd like to be in for the 2nd chance prize! :p

    Happy New Year Gavin!