Sunday, November 16, 2014

I bought a dimebox: the refractin' highlights!

Let's take a look at some more highlights from that dimebox I picked up at the most recent card show. Today we're looking at the particularly shiny baseball cards. If you have epilepsy, you should probably click the back button now.

2011 Topps Diamond parallels. PC hits for me here include Vlad, Big Hurt, Robbie, and I should start collecting Pat Neshek because he's pretty cool.

2011 Topps liquorfractors. (Man, 2011 Topps may have been a "meh" base design, but it's got a couple great parallels! I'd love to put together a parallel frankenset someday of 2011 Topps that's a combination of the diamond and cognac and/or xfractors and/or whatever other parallels that set had. The Trout would be the tricky card to acquire there.)

Here're some Xfractors and a couple 2012 gold foil or whatever it's called (A poor man's liquorfractor is what I call it! Moonshinefractor?)

And some various stuff. That's a heck of a checklist with the Cal headshot. I was excited to come across that Bonds in the box, believe it or not.. I ain't joking when I say I want to complete that whole 1993 Topps Black Gold insert set, and that's one I needed. Speaking of gold, those Gold Label cards are pretty snazzy. Hamilton, Maddux, and Junior.. nice!

So there are some shiny pennycards I was happy find in the box. I hope you were able to make it through this post without a seizure! See ya next time.


  1. This is an excellent way to get page views. Appealing to hairless apes who are obsessed with shiny objects (aka everybody in the first world).

    Cool cards man ;).

  2. All you need to finish it off would be having those cards disappear in a weird, shiny explosion. Then we'd call your blog "Mythbusters".