Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Man, oh man!

Work has been really busy the past couple weeks, so I've been getting behind on blog reading. I've managed to keep up with daily blog posting, at least. But I've been driven by plenty of cards I've wanted to post about lately.

But yeah, I could never be one of those one-way card bloggers who has a blog, but rarely if ever seems to read and/or comment on other blogs. I don't think those guys are getting the full blogosphere experience. But to each their own, I guess.

I'm getting backlogged on things to post about, which is better than having nothing to write about. So excuse me for squeezing 3 posts into this one.

First of all, this monster was waiting on my doorstep when I came home from work yesterday:

Yes, I got Wampa'd / Zippy Zapped! Fun stuff. This guy is a terror, for sure. Stay tuned for that adventure in a future post. (Thanks, Kenny!)

Next topic, it's the 25th, so here's a Christmas Card from my collection.

(Just a month left till Christmas. Shit! It really crept up this year. I have no gift ideas yet. I wish all my loved ones collected baseball cards and were team collectors. Easy peasy.)

Anyways, I picked this card for today because it's my second Didi Gregorius auto. My first one was from Wes at Jaybarkerfan's Junk. The same Wes who birthed the Wampa originally. Look at me tying the post together somewhat!

Now check this out:

This card is over 100 years old. I won it in a contest by commenting on a blog and being lucky enough to come out on top in a randomization. See what I mean about reading blogs and/or commenting on them? A real cool aspect of that is you can get in on lots of contests and occasionally end up the winner. I've wanted to add some supervintage to my collection for a long time, but never really knew where to start. I've only got one other pre-war card. I got it a few months before I started this blog, and I never really posted about it, though in a way I've posted it every post because it's tucked away up in my blog's banner. Speaking of which, it's probably about time I made a new banner. That display has long since been taken down since we moved back in February. That wooden box thing is now our makeshift liquor cabinet on our mantle, with small bottles and various bitters on the bottom and bigger bottles on top. My current "card display area" is a mess.. but then again, it always is.

But back on point, huge thanks to Hackenbush at Can't Have Too Many Cards for the awesome contest. This card is a tobacco card from the T30 Arctic Scenes set from 1910. I absolutely love it, and it's made all the sweeter by being free a symbol of the generous nature of the card blogging brotherhood. Thanks again, David!

And thanks to all you guys out there who make reading and writing about cardboard so great.


  1. I spotted the Diamond star in the background. That Hassan set is pretty cool

  2. Replies
    1. Ahhhh! This is great! I'm glad to see he has resurfaced. Can't wait to see him in a future post!

  3. Glad the package got to you safely.

  4. hopefully 3-d reggie maintains a spot in your banner!