Saturday, November 22, 2014

I saw Macaulay Culkin's pizza band last night (plus here are some cards I got recently)

My Friday 11/21/2014:
Get up around 7:25
Watch some Video Game Nerd videos on YouTube.
Work on some BCB drafts (Reinbach).
Took a nasty spill and got quite the welt on my shin.
Go to work for a couple hours, doing medical device stuff.
Took my car in for a recall about the power steering going out (it had gone out before, but was ok on this drive, thankfully.)
Got a ride home from my wife.
Watched The Sword in the Stone for the first time since I was a kid.. man, I LOVED that movie.
Wrote that "my first bad Sportlots experience" post.
Went to "Friendsgiving" at a friend's house.. lots of food, games, and booze. Good times.
On a whim, we went to a club downtown and saw Macaulay Culkin in his band Pizza Underground play songs about Pizza. Seriously! This is a real thing! I love the Velvet Underground.. I love silliness.. I love pizza.. and I love pop culture references like Macaulay Culkin.. so this band is right up my alley. It was a really fun, amazing/terrible show!
Came home and drafted up part of this.
Went to bed circa 1:30am.
Got up Saturday circa 8:15am.
My wife dropped me off to pick up my car.
Went to the card show!!!!
Bought 150+ cards for $43.

I'm actually a little overwhelmed where to start blogging about the card show pickups. So instead here's a recap of the cards I've gotten on Listia in the past week or so.

I never watch wrestling, but man, AJ Lee. Wow. I can't resist. 
Bubba Smith! Yeah, it seems most of the football oldies I like are ones who later became actors. Dick Butkus. Alex Karras. Police Academy's Bubba Smith.

Lou Brock with the funny helmet.

A couple needs for my 73 Topps setbuild. That McCovey is pretty beat-up. But wait! That's no ordinary 73 Topps McCovey!,,,

It's a blank back 73 Topps McCovey! Well-- technically not a blank back.. a scribbled-on back. Anybody know the story behind these?

Yep, I got an unopened pack of 2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects. Let's rip it..

Cool. I don't know any of these guys (Zippy? Any scouting reports?). But the below card was also in the pack...

Boom! A Gyorko RC refractor. Very nice. A semi-hit card I needed from a guy I collect.. can't ask for more than that out of a pack!
So there are some cards I got on Listia recently. Thanks for stopping by. I'll leave you with some pix I took last night of the Macaulay Culkin pizza concert.

That's Macaulay on the left.

So what's your favorite Macaulay Culkin film? Home Alone? Uncle Buck? Party Monster?


  1. John Costa - The Washington Nationals' 13 round pick in 2013. The righty is equipped with a low-90's fastball (with solid sinking action) and a few work in progress pitches. He tore his UCL early in 2013 and had Tommy John surgery prior to getting drafted. He made his pro debut in late August this year, making two starts and losing both games. But we'll see what he can do when he's at full health next season.

    Thomas Milone - The Rays' third round pick in 2013, He is a center fielder with some pop in his bat. He tends to strike out a lot but his BABIP this year suggests that he can make solid contact and put the ball in play. He spent 2014 in short-season rookie ball so it'll be interesting to see how he does in full season ball.

    Kevin Ziomek - The Tigers' second round draft pick in 2013. He has a high-80's~low 90's fastball, a decent slider, average change-up and a curveball which he regularly adds and subtracts velocity from (he throws it harder when he's in deeper counts). He draws comparisons to Drew Smyly and projects to be a solid back-of-the-rotation starter. He was recently ranked as the sixth best prospect in the Tigers farm system by Baseball America.

    Nick Franklin - Traded to Tampa Bay in the trade that sent David Price to Detroit and Austin Jackson to Seattle. Franklin projects to be an all around solid shortstop who's basically major league ready at this point.

    Drake Britton - A reliever with all around solid pitches. He spent most of 2014 in triple-A and made a few relief appearances for Boston near the end of the 2014 season. Not worth paying attention to all that much.

    Brian Navarreto - Drafted out of high school in the sixth round of the 2013 draft. When he was drafted scouts raved about his offensive potential as a power hitter who can also hit for a high average. As 2014 showed, he still has a lot to improve on. Mainly his plate discipline and using the whole field. Defensively he's quite large and his physique may force him to move to another position but he definitely has the arm strength to be a catcher. He's a long term project that hasn't started with a bang.

    Jedd Gyorko - Gyorko was the Padres' second round pick in 2010 and climbed through the ranks. He burst onto the scene in 2013 but suffered a sophomore slump in 2014. Gyorko himself found that pitchers had adjusted to him (since he was only hitter in the Padres lineup) and were pitching more out of the zone and were making him chase pitches as well as more off-speed pitches to avoid his power. In early June he was placed on the DL with plantar fasciitis and when he came back aprox. one month later his numbers somewhat improved. While his 2014 left a lot to be desired, I wouldn't be surprised if Gyorko came back strong in 2015. For all we know the injury might've been the cause of most of Gyorko's struggles in 2014.

    1. Cool. Thanks, Zippy! I knew I could count on you!

    2. Britton got a few good innings in 2013 for the Sox.

  2. Awesome! Home Alone 2 has got to be one of my favorite movies of all-time. MC is definitely not the same, but still cool that you saw him sing about pizza.

    Also, AJ Lee is the best.

  3. Back or no back, I love any card where a Giant just took Steee- rike Three!

    ...and I learned something today: until this post I never realized McClunky was the kid in Uncle Buck.
    Thats my vote.

  4. I just happened to write a post about blank backs yesterday:

    1. Cool! A busy week has caused me to fall a couple days behind in blog reading, but I never miss a N.O. post, so I'll get to it soon.