Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful for Vintage from the card show

We're starting a new Thanksgiving tradition here.. showing off recently-purchased vintage cards!

Let's kick it off with some oddballs. Munson and a couple Gibsons. The Kellogg's 3D cards are pretty beat-up, but for 50 cents (or were these from the dimebox?.. I can't really keep track of which cards I got from which of my 2 purchases at the card show.)

Public Service Announcement! If you don't want your 3D Kellogg's cards to crack, let them bend proud and free! Here's how I store my 3D Kellogg's cards (these not from the recent card show):

How nature intended. You know the old saying, Curved Don't Crack.

I'm not working on 1967 Topps, but pre-70s vintage from the dimebox?, hells yeah. That's a fake-out Lee May "rookie", btw.. he also had a Rookie Stars card in 1966. But yeah, these are available for trade if you need em. Otherwise I might Listia them one of these days, or hang onto them, who knows.

Now here's a set I'm actually working on. Checked off a few cards from my 1971 needs, including big names Stargell and Oliva.

And the other vintage set I'm working on. I didn't get to check off any from my 1973 needs here, since I already had these 3... BUT i collect Goose and Garvey as Pads in the Halls, so it's nice to get a cheap dupe for their PCs. And the Santo was a nice upgrade.

Not much of a Billy Martin fan, but love the notoriously naughty "flipping the bird" shot. The Fergie traded card is cool too. Honestly didn't recall him ever playing in Boston.

Thanks for reading. Say hi to your loved ones for me.


  1. I never binder my Kellogg's. Still have a complete 70 set with no cracking. Happy thanksgiving

  2. That Goose card is rad. That OTHER Goose card is rad. Those Geese are rad.
    My loved ones say hi back.

  3. Great finds! It's hard to go wrong with anything from Kellogg's.

  4. Wait... Goose played in Pittsburgh? The things we learn each day. Great pickups. Love the Kellogg's and Billy the most.