Thursday, January 21, 2016

Custom TTM success: Bobby Doerr!

I've hit up Bobby Doerr for another TTM request, and this success might be my favorite return yet!

I don't want to take advantage of Mr. Doerr's generosity, after all the guy's 97 years old. Not that I'm any authority, but personally, I'd say a requesting two or three cards per year is cool for free TTMs, and more than that's getting greedy. I sent Mr. Doerr one card last year that he kindly signed and promptly returned. Since it's a new year, I figured I'd try him again, this time with a couple cards I whipped up myself.

Really happy with this one! You may recall a few months ago I made a cut-auto Bobby Doerr Padres card using a signed index card. While I was happy with that card, I figured I would upgrade/supplement it with an on-card version. The familiar Conlon Collection design from the early 90s seemed like a good choice for a black & white photo (it's the only SD Doerr image I've been able to dig up). I'm finding black borders can be problematic (note the smudging near the bottom), not to mention all the ink needed, so going forward I will probably shy away from using such designs. But I'm still very pleased with how this turned out. And think about it; it's not very often here in 2016 that you can get a photo from 1936 signed by the subject! This photo was taken 80 YEARS AGO! Whoa! God bless you, Mr. Doerr!

The back focuses on his minor league career.

The cut-auto from last year for comparison.

Here's the second card he signed for me this time around:

True color photos from Doerr's playing days are few and far between. I was happy when I came across this one, as it was just what I was looking for to work into this design inspired by 1996 Leaf Signature Series. The photo looks like it's from late in his career, perhaps even from his coaching days. Maybe one of you awesome baseball nerds can date it by the shoulder patch.

The back isn't bad, though a little wordy, with a long bio paragraph.

Thank you again to the esteemed Mr. Bobby Doerr!
He really is a living legend in the baseball world, particularly a treasure to our card-collecting segment.

-   - - - -------

While I'm tipping my cap to great, old ballplayers, let me take a belated moment to pay my respect to Monte Irvin. Like Doerr, Irvin was known as a very generous signer and all-around good man. He lived a long, full life, but nobody lives forever, and his time came earlier this month. He'll definitely be missed.

Let's take a look at a couple cool Monte Irvin cards I have...

You know I love the Topps Retired brand, and was happy to pick up this auto for under $15 back in 2013.

This 1951 Topps was the first such card I ever got (I've since added a Jerry Coleman). Got it for about the price of a blaster back in 2014. I love how this looks and have had it on display in my card room since I got it.

Rest in peace, Mr. Irvin.


  1. Man do I love some of your customs. The Conlon card came out great but I really like the Leaf Signature card--all you're missing is a foil stamp!

  2. As a huge fan of Conlon cards, I must tip my hat to you - well done!

  3. Nice customs and successes of Doerr. Although it does make me quite sad to see his signature start to deteriorate with every success. Major props to Mr. Doerr for wanting to get as many signatures as he can muster though.

  4. I love the custom cards and I have to say for a 97-year old he still has a nice legible signature.

  5. Very nice. And props to Mr. Doerr. At 97 he picks up a new fan.

  6. Both very nice customs. I need to hurry up and send Mr. Doerr a TTM

  7. Great customs as usual! Love the way they look signed as well!

  8. Those customs are great. Doerr really has been an amazing TTMer. He's a in class with a very select few.

  9. Awesome! New to (well, getting back into collecting after about 15 years away) this.. Where do you get your TTM addresses? Thanks!

  10. Thanks, guys! The best resource for TTM addresses I've found so far is