Sunday, January 17, 2016

Night Owl trade

No card show for me this weekend (next week!), but I got some packages in the mail late this past week that were packed with enough cardboard goodness to take down a mule. Today I'll be showing off my haul from Night Owl Cards. If you read his excellent post "Time" last month, you know he doesn't have time for this shit. So when Greg takes a moment out of his day night to dig up some cards for you, you damn well appreciate it!

I've built up a decent little Kershaw PC over the past year or two, mostly with the dupes from Dodgers collectors. Some nice stuff in this lot, including the 3D Opening Day insert in the middle that looks cool and always steals the show in flash photography.

More Dodgers I collect.

Greg is working on 2015 Stadium Club, like any self-respecting set collector, and so he had some dupes to share. I've admired that Ernie Banks card seeing it on the blogs for a while, so great to have a copy of my own now!

Some more dudes I collect including Marcus Giles, Larry Walker, David Wells, Andrew McCutchen, Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, Carlton Fisk, and Randy Johnson. Very nice.

Some older cards were included as well.

Always love getting new McGriffs, even in a Dodgers uniform that never looked quite right on him.

A couple Padres cameos, Gwynn and Henderson.

Three Mantles from the height of Topps hitting collectors over the head with him.

Finally, a terrific lot of sparkly 2011 Topps parallels for my frankenset! Some big names in here like Strasburg and Kemp.

Awesome stuff! Very much appreciated, Greg!


  1. That is as good AS hitting a show! Love seeing TSC, don't think I'll get tired of seeing that set.

  2. NOC aced Time Management. I know I'm grateful! What an eclectic mix of shiny and colorful!

  3. Sending cards to someone who has a card show every week suddenly doesn't make sense. ... I mean, glad you can use them!