Sunday, January 10, 2016

Supervintage Sundays: a setter and a sub

Ready for a couple more cool old cards I picked up recently? As I posted the other day, I've been having fun making my own faux vintage minis, but there's nothing like the real thing.

1929 Player's Dogs' Heads by Arthur Wardle Small #28 English Setter
Here's a fine looking pooch. I was happy to pull the trigger on this sweet card from 1929 for just a buck in my latest COMC order. I never had a dog growing up due to an allergic mom, but I've definitely been converted to a dog person by my wife over the past few years.

 Next up...

1915 Gallaher The Great War Tobacco #97 The Eye of the Submarine
I thought this was just an awesome illustration, and so I was glad to pony up $1.15 for this card that's over a hundred years old. The underwater effect, the cutout revealing the little man, the vast ocean sky.. all look fantastic.

Referring to a submarine as a "her".. love it. Personally, I think I'd be too claustrophobic to spend much time in a sub.

Thanks for taking this brief trip back through time with me. See you later.


  1. Man these are both awesome. I'm in Comc now looking at 100+ year old cards

  2. wonder if that dog is still alive... I love how you can see the art in these cards.

  3. Hmmm, I recently came across a large stash of super old tobacco cards such as these. I may have to go back and see exactly what's there; I'm sure you'd give them a good home!

  4. The old stuff makes for great conversation pieces.

  5. Love both of these. I wish they made a tobacco card featuring a Bernese Mountain Dog... but after doing some research, I didn't find any.