Friday, January 15, 2016

Tony Gwynn SDSU custom print

Just a quick post today. Got a few surprise trade packages in the mail I'll type up in a post soon, probably tomorrow, and I'm excitedly awaiting a few TTMs that'll hopefully start trickling in soon. But for now I just want to show off this custom 4x6 print I put together.

I came across a cool black and white photo of Tony Gwynn showing bunt from his days at San Diego State. I threw a SDSU logo in the corner and put on a facsimile auto, popping with the same shade of red from the logo. For added coolness, it's his rare full name signature that he often used for legal documents, but rarely for cards and memorabilia. His full name signature can be found on some later-career Bowman cards, though they seem to use his early autograph (notably with a different style G.)

So anyways, I'm happy with this print combining my favorite player and my alma mater. Makes for a nice little display piece. I suppose I could shrink it down to standard trading card size, too.

Here's a bonus Gwynn for you to check out while you're here..

Picked up this 2010 Topps Tribute b&w refractor #'d /99 for 99¢ in a bulk combined shipping eBay win a while back. Shiny!

There's a less rainbowy photo of it.

Thanks for taking a moment out of your day to stop by. Have a great weekend-- hopefully it's a 3-day one for ya.

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  1. Cool custom print. Love b&w prints... and the facsimile signature really stands out. Great job!