Friday, January 8, 2016

mini customs, maximized fun

Here's something I've been have a lot of fun with this week: creating (and sometimes artificially aging) custom minis.

I've cranked out a few of these Babe Ruth Red Sox customs, and will happily throw them into trades.

I've bitched about counterfeiters aging "reprints" before, but as you can see from the back, I'm not trying to fool anybody into thinking these are genuine vintage cards. Just having some fun making cards.

Prefer your Bambino to be in pinstripes? No problem:

Of course, that's not really George Herman himself, but rather the character as he appears in The Sandlot. This rounds out my trio of customs inspired by the flick.

Fun stuff. Expect to see more custom minis from me soon enough.
Thanks for reading!


  1. These are both awesome but that Sandlot one!!!

  2. Very nice, now how about the Bambino as a Brave? Maybe a last game gimmick 3 hrs and such.

  3. Wow - coulda had me fooled. Every batch of customs you share is better than the last!

  4. Tony B nailed it. You continue to hone your craft with each set. I love watching your progress.
    Since John Miller mentioned the Bambino was a Brave, I'll just toss out the Babe was a Dodger (coach)as well. You just might have an entire Bambino series there. Lol

  5. Babe and Benny the Jet = one of the best scenes in cinematic history.

  6. Love the Sandlot one. Very cool. You need to be doing this full time.

  7. My gosh, the R Sox Bambino is incredible! TOPPS NEEDS YOU!!!!!

  8. These are great! Question: what type of paper are you printing these on?

  9. Thanks, everybody!

    John/Oscar: yeah, it'd probably be fun to whip up Ruth cards as a Brave and Dodger at some point.

    Bru: I typically use semi-gloss paper and/or matte paper (if I don't want it to be glossy, obviously). "Vintage" cards are usually semi-gloss front, matte back. Modern cards are semi-gloss both sides. The Red Sox Ruth is matte both sides. The Sandlot Ruth front is semi-gloss, and I've found that's harder to "artificially age".