Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Douglas drops a bunch birthday binder boys

Douglas from Sportscards From The Dollar Store has what must be the cardsphere's most impressive date-centric collection, with hundreds of cards of various folks who share his 2/14 birthday. A kindred holiday-birthday boy myself, I've built a decent PC of exact-match Matt Ginter, but have yet to really dive into a full-fledged 12/24 collection. But Doug's surprise mailing that I'm featuring here today helps get me to a good starting point. With Doug being a birthdate-sensitive collector, he explained in the accompanying note that he built up a little pile of 12/24 cards just in case I decided to expand that area of my collection someday. Very nice of him!

Let's kick things off with a hit! This James Hardy (12/24/85) features an embedded postage stamp and a little piece of jersey. Very cool! Pretty sure this is the first stamp relic card in my collection.

Here's a nice lot of Davante Adams (12/24/92).

Going back a few years for a couple cards of Paul Farren (12/24/60).

1991 Donruss sneaks its way into the package with this Tim Drummond (12/24/64). And my first basketball birthday boy comes by way of this oversized P.J. Hairston (12/24/92) rookie card.

We wrap up the fellow Christmas Eve babies with a couple hockey guys, Matt Calvert (12/24/89) and George Sullivan (12/24/29).

Very cool.. thanks, Doug! I'm reluctant to go down the rabbit hole of focusing too much on building a 12/24 minicollection at the moment, as I feel like my plate of cards to chase is already pretty full, but I'll passively build it up, for sure. So these cards very appreciated. While I might stop short of officially adding 12/24 guys to my wantlist just yet, traders can definitely feel free to throw any into a mailing for me and I'll give them a good home!

Doug rounded out the package with a couple Padre needs:

That's a nice-looking Finest Kemp and a gold winner Benito. Good stuff!

Thanks again for the surprise cards, Doug! I'll work on getting a return out to you soon.


  1. Be careful of that rabbit hole! I thought it would just be a small duo-tang with maybe 100-150 cards in it. Now, I have over 170 different subjects.