Sunday, August 9, 2015

Griffey magnet cards are back!

A few months ago I unveiled a small run of custom "magnet cards" that I arranged to have produced using photoshop jobs I had created for the blog in the past. They were a big hit.. especially the Ken Griffey, Jr cards which seemed to be the favorites. They were so in demand with trades and contest winners, that I recently got in touch with my buddy who made the magnets and asked him if he could do another run for me of just the 3 Junior cards.

Well, he was able to help me out, and now I've got a "2nd printing" of 12 each of the 3 Griffeys.

The original "first issues" were hand-numbered /5 in red ink on the front. For this 2nd printing, I had a little fun creating parallels. Let's check them out!


There are 5 regular magnet cards for each design. These are unnumbered.

Glowing border parallel

You know I love glowing stuff! Each design has a glow-in-the-dark framed parallel numbered /3 on the back.

Smell variation

Haha, this might be my most innovative (yet ultimately pointless) parallel! Each design has a parallel #'d /2 which is visually the same as the base magnet card, but whereas the base version is essentially odorless, the smell variation smells good!


Each design has one Superfractor parallel with a sparkly gold frame and numbered 1/1 on the back.


The Superduperfractor is the ultimate parallel that combines all 3 other parallels. It sparkles! It glows! It smells good! On the back, it's numbered 1/0. [{MATHEMATICAL IMPOSSIBILITY! DOES THAT BLOW YOUR MIND?!‽}]

These are all now available for trade. Check out my wantlist and dig up some cards to trade me if interested. I should mention that I still have a few (non-Griffey) available from the original batch of magnet cards that are also up for trade.

Thanks a lot.


  1. These are all so nice - good stuff!

  2. I was thinking that doing the same run of cards for Robin Yount might lead to a bizarre bidding war between me and Cynical Buddha. But, since these are all Juniors, I feel like the Junior Junkie almost deserves first crack at them!

    1. Oh yeah, I should totally do a "Favorites of the Cardsphere" custom set with like Yount, Cey, Tim Wallach, Jack Wilson, Garvey, Gwynn, Tino Martinez, Luis Torrens, etc.

  3. Awesome Gavin! These crack me up when I see them.

  4. These are simply awesome! I still need to figure out how I can trade for one of those contracts. I will trade for the cheapest cause it doesn't matter which one to me. I just think owning one alone would rock.