Friday, August 7, 2015

SCC Gives Back to me

Last month I had some fun with Sport Card Collectors, giving him a hard time for winning so many contests. The resulting "lifetime ban" may have been over the top on my part, but I thought it was funny. SCC took it in stride, but expressed feeling a little bad about it all. Thankfully we were able to smooth it over with no hard feelings. He seemed pretty happy with the prize package I sent him, and yesterday I received a surprise "SCC Gives Back" PWE in my mailbox. What a guy! Let's take a look...

Here are some shiny cards shining away in all their shininess. Frank Thomas, Griffey, and Gyorko.. three awesome PC additions for me!

And here's a fine pair of Gwynns. I don't recall ever seeing that Dugout Axcess card before.. pretty cool shot of the master on his way to continue the neverending pursuit of perfecting his craft.

Lastly, here's another Junior, an Alonso mini, and a handy width-measuring card from BCW. Honestly, I don't buy much card supplies (besides penny sleeves), rather usually just reuse toploaders and stuff I get with incoming cards. (I'm picky about only using brand new Ultra Pro card sleeves in my collection [for the most part], otherwise I don't mind second-hand toploaders and the like.) But once in a while it's nice to pony up for a brand new case to display a sweet card in, so I'm sure this'll come in handy before long.

Big thanks for the cards, SSC! I really appreciate it!


  1. Glad you enjoyed! This may not be your last either. I grabbed what I had sitting around and didn't have a chance to fully look yet :)

  2. Whoa, I've never seen a thickness gauge for cards. ..that's cool