Friday, August 28, 2015

Wil Myers auto (or what passes for his auto, at least)

Recently got my first auto of offseason Padre pickup Wil Myers. He seems to be widely regarded as having the worst signature in the game, just some waves that I suppose could be interpreted as an intertwined "WM" with a little imagination. I don't have a very legible signature myself, so I tend to be forgiving about lazy efficient signers, though of course beautiful autographs are better. Plus the guy's wrists are basically made of paper mache, so I guess he's trying to save wear-and-tear on them. That's probably why he dropped the superfluous L from his first name, too. Wil's been on the disabled list most of the year because of wrist issues, just like Tampa knew he would be when they suckered the Padres into giving up a couple top prospects for him.

C'est la vie. Hopefully he's back in the lineup and playing well soon.

While not as cool as the Fisk auto I showed off yesterday, still a fine looking card. Nice framed mini from 2013 Allen & Ginter. Plus I got it on Listia so it was "free" (a fat chunk of credits).


  1. I would argue that Nyjer Morgan has the worst.

  2. I am going to toss Taijuan Walker's autograph as a horrible example too. He has at least 5 or 6 different signatures... or should I say he probably has 5 or 6 people signing for him?

    You could probably frame his signature and call it a piece of art because it is so damn ugly and most viewers can not figure what it is suppose to represent.

  3. I think it may actually just be "Wil" that he's signing there. It looks like that to me, with the I without a dot.