Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nachos Grande attax me where it hurts (aka Christ Topper Trade w/Christopher)

Nachos Grande asked about the Christ The Redeemer topper from my Gint-a-Cuffs entry (btw, my early reign atop the GAC leaderboard has come to an end, with at least one or two other chumps rudely besting my score. Nuts!) We agreed to a straight swap for his Mike Trout topper. (Is it "box topper" or "box loader"? Or are the terms interchangeable? You know what I mean: the oversized card that's sometimes included on the top of the packs in a hobby box.)

Not the most exciting card at any size, but Trout is a fun dude to collect, and although oversized cards are a bitch to store, it's a nice addition to the PC.
Here it is next to a regular sized box of cards for scale...

We'll get to the threatening Topps Attax box in a moment!

I only sent Chris my Jesus card, but he was gracious enough to include a bunch of bonus cards for me. I feel I dropped the ball here, and will need to make restitution with a "part two" of my trade package to him in the mail shortly.

The extra cards were heavy on Padres. Here we see a new Gwynn for my collection, plus a Hoffman and a couple nice Peavy cards.

Here are a few more San Diego keepers from the sizeable stack Chris sent. I never tire of seeing Friar Rickey! If I were GM, he'd be a bench player for us still to this day!

Now this very well may be the highlight of the package! These are a few of those famous Munnatawket custom minis I've heard about that are produced by a buddy of Chris'. The Trout and Giancarlo are big scores for a couple of my most active PCs, and the Headley and Myers are sweet Padres-related additions.

And the blogger auto might be my favorite card of all. I've dealt with Chris a handful of times in the past, I think with a couple of trades and a couple group breaks, but was never lucky enough to score one of his certified autographs. I already have auto cards of Fuji and JBF, so I think this completes the trilogy of mass-produced blogger autos out there that I'm aware of.

Thanks for the trade, Chris! I'll send you a few more cards soon to balance the scales of this trade a bit.

Oh, and as for the mystery contents of the Topps Attax box...

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