Friday, August 14, 2015

My Strive for '65 is ON!

Ok, I'm officially attempting to complete 1965 Topps now ("Strive for 65"® and ™ CaptKirk42). I recently picked up a 130-card starter lot on eBay, and together with the lots I've gotten from Kevin G. and last month's card show, my goal was to break the 50% complete threshold after I got everything sorted out and in a list.

How'd I do?



% complete
as of

Aw, dang! Fell decidedly short of my goal! But still, at nearly 40%, it's a solid starting point for a vintage setbuild. Over a third of the way there!

I already have a few of the key cards, such as the Mantle (bought a fuzzy-cornered copy 2 or 3 years ago), and encased specimens of Maris and Whitey Ford (both part of the recently acquired lot), and Richie Allen (in my Dick Allen PC).

Yes, my 65 Mantle is squeezable. Don't ask. Just squeeze.
I am not going after the insert sets, as the embossed cards and iron-ons don't really do anything for me. I am including the 2 checklist variations, though, which brings the total number of cards in the set to a nice even 600 (598 + 2 variations).

I won't be super picky about condition, though of course I'd prefer to upgrade any cards with writing on them, as well as cards with egregious creases, stains, way off-center, etc. Basically hoping to keep cards around a probable "3" grade or higher. (I'm not going for a graded set, though I don't plan to jailbreak cards that happen to be graded already.)

Do you have any 1965 Topps cards available to trade? Pretty please take a look at my 1965 wantlist. I'd love to work out a trade for any needs. If you're also working on the set, I have several dupes.

Thanks and have a great weekend!


  1. Nice Goal and thanks for the Mention. That is a pretty good grab for an opening stab at your goal. I still need to get those big Yankee dudes. I've been slacking in the last few months I've only gotten one or two more from my posted total of 214 (216 with the variations). You are 20some cards above me right now.

  2. I just finished this set. I really enjoyed it. The high numbers are not too difficult to find. I will see if I have any doubles and let you know.

  3. My favorite set of the 60's... and unfortunately the one I own the least of. I'll check my box of vintage and see if I can help you out.