Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Show recap: vintage PC additions

Here are some more of my $1 vintage pickups from the card show this past weekend.

A playing-days Roberto Clemente card for a buck? Heck yes! Even if it's a bit beat up, this 1969 deckle edge is a nice addition to my Clemente PC. He would have turned 81 today were he still alive.

A couple Hoyts! The '66 is a new card for my PC, while the '67 is an upgrade over the card Nick traded me a few months ago.. So while I didn't really need that one, the price was right, so why not upgrade?

BTW, I was planning on using this post for Wednesday (and therefore celebrate "Wilhelm Wednesday"), but when I found out it was the great Roberto Clemente's birthday, I bumped it up a day. So I guess instead, we're celebrating Hoyt Toytesday. Or something. Since I usually publish new posts around 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern, the bulk of my pageviews are evenly split between the evening I post and the morning after. So I guess you can celebrate whichever Hoyt Wilhelm holiday is applicable for you depending on which day you're reading this post.

The 1976 Reggie Jackson was a notable void in my Reggie PC, so I'm glad to finally snag one. I believe all I need now is 1974 to have his complete run of flagship Topps base cards. Man, was that photo taken by the catcher?! You don't see many action closeups from that angle. On-deck circle, maybe? Actually, I bet Reggie borrowed the photographer's camera and took this as a selfie in the middle of an at-bat. That seems like something he'd do.

As for the McCovey, I've always loved his 1975 Topps card since it's by far the best of his vintage cards as a member of the Padres. Nice to add the mini to my collection. That's also the best color combo of 1975 Topps: green grass and blue sky.. gotta love it!

Thanks for stopping by. More cards tomorrow.


  1. A Deckle Edge for a buck? And Clemente at that? Wow. Just plain awesome.

  2. Clemente AND Hoyt in the same post? Sign me up!

  3. Holy smokes $1!!!! That is awesome. Hard enough to find a recent Clemente for a buck. Great job!