Saturday, January 6, 2018

Card Show High Rolling

Good monthly card show haul today. When I first showed up, my regular dealer Bill's cheap bins were completely packed with dudes flipping through cards, so I bided my time in his mid-priced bins, picking up cards a bit more than my card show norm.

Topps went nuts flooding the market with Dan Vogelbach autos in 2017, just ask P-town Tom. While I've cooled on collecting the Vogelmonster in the past year, still threw these /99 autos on my stack for the heck of it. Can you believe some collectors have no preference between on-card signatures and stickergraphs?

A couple more autos. I don't even collect Kyle Seager, but thought that was a nice looking card for a solid price. And those "glass" cards are always neat, and Chris Betts /21 here was cheap.

A couple sweet Legends variations for my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset.

I just recently gave up on collecting the 2015 Topps Gallery of Greats insert set and had deleted it off my wantlist. Still though, I'll pick up needs of guys I collect. Love these.

A couple autos of young Padres. I nearly passed on the Margot, but its #/35 serial number on the back suckered me in.

Fernando Tatis Jr. is one of the Padres' top prospects, so I shelled out a few bucks for this #/100 diecut. Really hope he pans out in a couple years when all the "rebuilding" should start shaping up, in theory.

A couple sets here. 1984 Mother's Cookies Padres team set, and a 1995 Collector's Choice You Crash the Game Exchange Gold set which is still sealed but I'll probably open it and raid it for my PCs soon.

I mainly bought the Mothers set (at $1.50 was among my best deals of the day) for the Gwynn, but there are a few other guys I collect in there too. As I've said many times, those are my all-time fav uniforms.. and they look great on this glossy set.

Some backs, if you were interested. Always think it's funny to see the "autograph" area. I wonder if some dumb kid was like, "Excuse me, Mr, Gwynn, could you please sign my card for me? –No, Tony, you're supposed to autograph on the back!"

Actually, now I'm kind of wanting to get a Mother's card signed on the back. Need to find one of a dependable TTM guy, send it with a sticky note on the front asking him to sign the back. That'd be hilarious.

Here's a cool vintage piece, a Willie Stargell temporary tattoo from 1971. Bonus points for the Padres mention. But wait, there's more!...

It's a complete sheet! Pretty cool, even though Stargell is the only HOFer in the bunch.

This was a freebie. I bumped into my bud Padrographs Rod at the show, and later he came back around and gifted me this Gavin Cecchini auto he had just scored for me. Awesome.. thanks again, Rod!

Speaking of free stuff, this isn't card related but I wanted to squeeze this onto the blog...

I got 5 new pairs of shoes this week! Isn't that insane? What am I, some spoiled trophy wife from Beverly Hills? The thing is I got a generous shoe store gift certificate for Christmas and I ended up using it on 4 pairs of shoes from the clearance section (budgeted nicely with just 4¢ to spare on the gift certificate!). Then at work, somebody had offered up another pair of shoes that I assume was a gift that didn't fit or something. But I tried them on and they fit great. And so that's how I got 5 new pairs of shoes in a week with no money out of my pocket. And my old shoes were falling apart, so it's appreciated. These should last me a while.

Ok, that's it for today. More from my card show haul soon.


  1. Awesome team set there - 3 HOFers to boot!

  2. That Diamond Anniversary Babe is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I Have a garvey permagraphics card that he signed in the appropriate spot on the back. I bought it that way so wasn't privy to the request being made, unfortunately.

  4. Gotta love the Dick Williams Mothers. Bonus tattoo Reggie Smith. Nice

  5. Great finds! I have that same pair of brown shoes.

  6. I do have a Mothers Cookie card from that set signed on the back.

  7. My feet got a triggered by the shoes falling apart line. 😭

  8. That Babe Ruth is amazing. Great pickups and kickups!

  9. Glad to see you're making some progress on the sparkly 2011 set. Can't go wrong with a couple of Vogelmonster autos. How can someone NOT have a preference between on-card and stickergraphs? On-card all the way!
    The Mother's Cookies team set for $1.50? You may not find a better deal than that in all of 2018. Congrats!

  10. The gold You Crash The Game set is awesome! I loved that promotion.

  11. My friend's husband works at Nordstrom and back in December, I got hooked up with a 40% discount. I bought 4 pairs of flip flops and a pair of shoes (and 2 Lego sets). I think it was my largest footwear purchase of all-time. The good news is I won't need shoes for a while.

    P.S. Love the 1984 Mother's Cookies set. One day I'll add it to my collection.

  12. Replies
    1. Ha, if anyone was gonna call me on that, it had to be you! But yeah, they were real cheap and make good around-the-house shoes. It's not like I'm wearing those were plastic clogs.

  13. Love those Mother's Cookies cards! I somehow made it back from my end of the year vacation to Austin with 7 new t-shirts, although I'm sure I've never simultaneously owned more than 5 functional pairs of shoes in my life.

  14. Diamond Anniversaries - great looking cards! When found in dime boxes, these always go home with me. Someday I'll have reason to put the set together. I already have the pricier cards. Nice pickups Gavin - shoes included! I never pegged you for a shoe ho!