Tuesday, January 2, 2018

second-chance winner announced

Let's find out who was the second-chance winner for my recent contest. I usually do the whole number-assigning thing, but I'm a little exhausted and want to just bust this out now so I'll randomize the names once and the winner will be the #1 person and you'll just have to trust that it's all on the up-and-up.

Congrats, Angus!
It's been a while since I sent you cards– Is your PO Box from 2016 still a good address to send your prize to? Let me know.

Side note, I just realized today that there's another post office close to where I work that has a self-service kiosk (as opposed to the other nearby post office I visit on the regular that not only doesn't have one of those, but also has a creepy dude behind the counter that I dread having to deal with). Very happy about this discovery and will likely make it my go-to package mailing spot.

I've got a card show coming up this weekend, so I'll hold off sending out the prizes in case I find cards there to add for Nick and Angus, plus consolation PWE winners Fuji and Matt S.
Thanks again to everybody who entered. I'm sure I'll get around to doing another contest before long.

- ----o

I hate to do a post without any cards, so here's a random card I've been meaning to feature..

I've never watched any Orphan Black, but for a few bucks, picked up a new autograph for my collection of dudes named Gavin. Mr. Fox has a neat-looking signature.

Thanks for swinging by.


  1. Hey, awesome! Thanks!

    And, yes, the PO Box is still the same. I can email it to you again if you need me to.

  2. Orphan Black veered too off the rails for me as the show went on but the first two seasons were good

  3. I didn't even realize you were having a contest...or maybe I just didn't feel like entering, I can't remember. Regardless, congrats Angus!

  4. Congratulations Angus! And thanks Gavin for the contest. I like Orphan Black... but gotta admit that I have to binge watch that show in order to keep track of what's going on.

  5. I've never actually heard of Orphan Black... might have to look into it!

  6. I usually hit up the post office at 1st & Madison whenever I have some extra time because it has the self-service kiosk. It's also where I rented a PO Box for a year or so when I was dealing with some mail theft issues. It seems ridiculous given how close I work near the other post office, but I hate waiting in line and I also prefer to deal with a machine when I'm not sure if my packages are going to exceed the 13 oz. First Class limit, because I can always cancel my order without embarrassment and opt for one of the free packages if I need to go into Priority Mail flat rate territory.