Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Catching up on trades

This post will cover three terrific trade packages I've gotten in the past couple weeks.

This first one is from Kerry at Cards on Cards. We work just a few blocks apart in downtown Portland, and have gotten into the groove of meeting up to exchange cards in person every so often. It's great cutting out the postal service to save a few bucks.

ROY mojo! I have no doubt that Judge will get the record for fastest guy into my Hundred Card Club (assuming I kept track of stuff like that). He just has a ton of cards from 2017 and I'm sure that'll continue in 2018, and I'm here for the Yankee haters looking for an appreciative dumping ground for them. Same applies to Bellinger.

Bryce and Stras. Always nice to see in trade packages.

Geez, Kerry seems to pull a lot of Nats! Impressive Trea Turner lot here.

Notable Red Sox.

More cool cards.

A Padre and a couple local San Diego guys.

The highlight of the baggy of cards (gotta wonder what people think when they see a couple middle-aged dudes meet up in front of a Subway and exchange mysterious little baggies) was this sweet Goldschmidt red refractor #'d 6/25 that Kerry was lucky enough to pull a little while ago.

Big thanks, Kerry! I don't think my side of this swap measured up to these cards, so I'll do my best to balance the scales next time.

-  - - ----o

Next up is a hefty holiday package from Dennis at Too Many Verlanders.

Here's a shiny trio of Padres.

And a shiny trio of Cecchinis.

Nice bump to the Michael Sam PC. Fun fact: he's a gay man who played football.

The real weight of the package was from a few magazines, such as this Sports Illustrated from 2003. Trepidatiously interested in reading the Kirby Puckett exposé.

More Kirby. I had this 1992 Beckett back in the day.

I remember having this Gary Sheffield Beckett then too.

But 1988 was before my collecting days, so this Benito Beckett is new to me. Funny how they edited the photo so the other guy (Gene Walter) in the rookie card is blocked.

Lastly, here's an SI from 1984 with a couple Padres on the cover. It was a good year for San Diego, but a better one for Dennis' Tigers. I made a custom using Goose from this pic a year or two ago. Cool to have the actual magazine now.

Thanks a lot, Dennis!

-  - - ---o

And here's a friendly Christmas surprise from All Trade Bait All the Time.

Big boost to my little Big Unit PC.

Some other dudes I collect.

And pairs from Bryant, Giancarlo, and Darvish.

Very cool.. thanks, man! I'll hit you back with some Dodgers soon.

Thanks for stopping by, everybody.


  1. There felt like 100 judges just in update haha

  2. It's hard to imagine dudes posing in a dugout with huge smiles on their faces in this day and age, so that SI cover is fun to see.

  3. Great stuff, but the Goldy was my favorite!