Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Check out my shiny cards

Let's take a look at some more cards from my COMC Black Friday order. Any time I have a big selection of cards and want to break it up into multiple posts, I look for groupings to slip up the cards. Today's post features the shiny cards from the order.

I wanted a Jose Abreu auto and this was the cheapest on-card option I could find. I think it's a nice-looking card, and the fact that he's in a Cuba uniform helps, since Panini is allowed to show it.

More Panini. When you catch this just right in the light, it's like there's a bunch of lasers shooting off all around.. very cool.

Sparkly '95 Score parallel of Vince Coleman swiping a bag.

Three shiny Adrian Beltre cards for the PC.

I don't really seek out Sean Burroughs cards, but this auto of the Padre bust was cool looking and really cheap.
AJ Burnett knocks another card off my slow-going 2004 Black Chrome setbuild. Now 135 cards down.

This one kind of pissed me off. It's the "glowing" version of the parallel, and I had long be hoping to score of of these for my glow-in-the-dark minicollection. But it turns out "glowing" in this case does not mean glowing in the dark. I guess it's more of like how a pregnant lady looks "glowing" sometimes. LOL. Oh well. I think I even already have this Piazza, so if a trader bud reading this wants to call dibs, let me know. It cost a few bucks, so give me something decent for it. These parallels are more scarce then the standard "Soaring Star" inserts that have a star pattern as opposed to the rippling waves of the "glowing" version. Now I'm going to assume no glow-in-the-dark version exists, though I'd love to be proven wrong.

That's it for today. I'm getting a backlog of stuff I want to post about.. so many cards, so little time! Still more from this COMC order and my latest card show haul to feature soon.
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  1. Love me some shiny. Nice pick up on the Abreu Cuban National Team auto.

  2. Never seen a card like the piazza. Cool 90's insert

  3. I love the shiny stuff... especially that 2004 black refractor. Beautiful card.

  4. Black chrome is a thing to behold. That's gonna be one pretty set, all paged up and bound.