Saturday, January 13, 2018

Springer autos and a hometown World Champion

I jumped on the Astros bandwagon a little this past fall, and started up a couple new player collections in the process. First is WS MVP George Springer. I pulled the trigger on this Stadium Club auto during Game 7, in fact. I think "#SCAGS" here is the first graded card I ever bought from COMC. I don't care about the slab; it just happens that this was the cheapest licensed, on-card auto he had available at the time. I think it's a gorgous card. While a PSA 8 means "not very good" when applied to modern cards, I've looked the thing up and down, front and back, and I can't see any issue that would ding it. Must be a tiny indentation or something somewhere. Oh well, it's totally fine with me!

I also won this Tek auto on eBay a little while later. Pretty cool. With these 2 additions, my young Springer PC is looking pretty solid.

The other Astro I decided to start collecting during the 2017 Fall Classic is Joe Musgrove.

What draws me to Musgrove is that he's the first El Cajon, CA native to ever win the World Series. (Guy From Granite Shane Spencer won the World Series a few times with the Yankees, but he wasn't born in El Cajon. Full disclosure, I wasn't born in El Cajon either, but it's where I did most of my growing up.) Way to represent, Joe!

He went to Grossmont High School. I don't always collect "rival" guys from my school district, but do something cool like win the World Series, and hey, I'll overlook silly old school rivalries.

Here are some numbered parallels I've picked up recently. I'd love to add more Musgrove cards, so if you've got any available, I'd likely be interested in trading for them.

[UPDATE: Looks like he was just today traded to the Pirates for Gerrit Cole, funny enough.]

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  1. And now Musgrove is a Pirate! Cool cards!

    1. I'm watching an El Cajon athlete tonight. My friend Sharon Jacobson is fighting in Invicta FC 27 tonight. I knew her when I was a missionary in San Diego in 2000-2002.

    2. Very cool.. best of luck to her!

  2. I'm not sure what it says about me, but when I saw the title of this post on the roll my first thought was Jerry Springer.

  3. Man, I still remember how Musgrove was just another no-name who was part of the "most boringest ten player trade in the history of baseball" (which was the trade where Houston shipped out JA Happ). I thought for sure that out of all of the players the Astros got Asher Wojciechowski was going to be guy who makes Blue Jays fans regret the trade, turns out I was wrong.

  4. Sharp looking photo for an auto from sc!

  5. That Stadium Club autograph is sweet! I definitely jumped on the Astros bandwagon myself this past season. Very happy for their fans.