Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Oscar Gamble PC

I didn't have a post lined up for today, but then I got on Twitter this morning and read the sad news about Oscar Gamble passing away. Figured I'd snap pics of my little PC of his in tribute.

Really like this Christmas Card auto.

Cool that Oscar spent a year in San Diego.

Landed this 1979 Topps Baseball 4 Color Film Positive from the Topps Vault a couple years back to add a somewhat unique item to the PC.

Technically, these aren't in the PC, but plucked them out of my sets for this post. He sure has some cool looking cards.

More cards.

Career stats courtesy of the Archives back. Nice even 200 career taters.

And of course, the cornerstone of any Oscar Gamble PC.



  1. Starting to realize Gamble had a lot of great cards in the 70's outside of the famous 76TT. Love the 71T and 73T too. Rest in peace Mr. Gamble.

  2. RIP Oscar Gamble. That Vault Film Negative is awesome. Such a Cool item