Monday, March 12, 2018

Anything Goes (nickelboxing)

Most of the time at the card show, you gotta be discerning with what you put on your stack, but when it comes to nickelboxing, anything goes! Plucked out a nice score this past weekend, which technically came to 4¢ per card with the dealer's 25-for-a-buck deal, scooping up 50 cards for $2. I thought that deal was pretty...

...Cool, indeed. I don't have many of these kooky Emotion cards, but this is a welcome addition to the Crime Dog PC.

I only really started collecting Jim Thome like a year ago, so I don't have that many of his cards. Great to bulk up the PC a bit with 6 cards that ran me under a quarter combined.

Grouping this pair of Auburn standouts together. A trio of Big Hurts and a couple Bo oddballs ("Boddballs?").

A couple Conforto cards from 2017 Update.

Klesko gold parallel, Julio Franco LL, and former community college classmate of mine, Mike Jacobs.

I've been thinkin' 'bout
Thinkin' 'bout sets
Always hungry for somethin'
That I haven't completed yet

Being right on the cusp of completing '80 Topps and '83 Topps (and '84 Fleer), I'm thinking about future setbuilds, and while '74 Topps isn't at the top of my list, it's scratching at my "maybe someday" list (with a broad '73 thru '85 Topps run in the back of my mind). So I couldn't resist nabbing a nice little lot for the cost of a pack of gum, as I'm quietly building a little starter stack in anticipation of one day going after the set.

Flipping through a nickelbox, a couple types of cards I'll blindly throw on my stack regardless of team/player: refractors and serial-numbered cards. Even if it's just some Bowman prospect from years ago who never got out of A-ball, they're nice to add some shine to a trade package. The Denard Span rookie might be the best one in this lot.

Well, that pretty much wraps up the nickelbox dig, with a few additional cards not pictured because they're already set aside for trader buds.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Yeah, nickel boxes are da bomb! BOOM, bang.... POP, plewwwwwhhuh

  2. Thanks for the fun read! I love those looking for that stuff too...

  3. Lots of great 90's finds. When u can find any inserts from the 90s for nickel it's a win to me

  4. Daaaannngg. Nice haul. Someday you will have to teach me how to walk away from a nickelbox after only spending $2.

  5. Those 1974's are in beautiful condition!

  6. Hard to resist a good nickel box! Always happy to see Micah Owings make a blog appearance (dude was the best-hitting pitcher I've seen in my lifetime). I'm hoping my nickel box guy is at the show I'll be attending this weekend.

    1. It's a shame he was so bad at pitching. 😑