Thursday, March 8, 2018

My Michelle

I looked though my "Girlie Cards" minicollection and found just one Michelle in there.

Well, well, well, my Michelle Baena. She's a Christmas Eve baby like myself. A bit of a late bloomer, she didn't go into modeling until her 30s.

Here's a "close enough" bonus card, Mishel Thorpe. My Mishel? She played in the Lingerie Bowl in 2005 and 2006.

Here's the front (I showed the back first since her name isn't on the front). I don't feel great about posting these cards on International Women's Day. Being a professional sexy person isn't the most empowering line of work. But women rock.

Oh, perhaps you've noticed the logos on the cards in this post? Yeah, a while back I cut out "Rated Rookie," "Future Stars," and "Topps All-Star Rookie cup" logos from junk cards and now I'm kind of obsessed with placing them on top of other cards.

Dumb, I know. Some look better than others, but I always get a tiny thrill out of it. I suppose it's a form of satire about how Topps often crams a lot of such logos onto one card these days.

Here's a preview of the best card I got in Nacho Grande's group break of Heritage last week. I'll probably post about all that tomorrow.

Just ridiculous, am I right? Yet somehow very satisfying. I encourage you all to muster the strength to destroy overproduction-era commons to follow my lead. I guess you could just 'shop it, but that's not the same.

I could go all day. I wonder how long it'd take to do my entire collection. I'd probably have to quit my job to focus on it. I doubt my wife would sign off on that plan.

Thank you for reading this pointless post. And always remember: Honey, don't stop tryin' and you'll get what you deserve!


  1. There's no such thing as a pointless post that shows off cards!

  2. Funny! Do some more of these! Maybe that ugly Rookie Card logo from the late 2000s?

  3. I'd really be into this if I could ever muster the courage to cut out the Future Stars and various other logos from old cards. But I can't, even with junk wax.

    1. If you had a dozen of these you might feel differently.

  4. I'm in with Section 36! And Harry Nilsson: Everything has a point!

  5. You've got mad cutting skills! How long did it take you to cut out "Future Stars"? I'm seriously impressed for what you deem to be a pointless post.