Saturday, March 31, 2018

COMC pickups + Joy of a Completed Set: 1984 Fleer + joining TCDB

Just got in my first COMC order since last Black Friday. I probably should have waited till the "Spring Cleaning Sale Event" (or whatever) when they might offer free shipping, but I got impatient.

Frank Robinson's getting lots of face time on my blog lately, first with a '57 rookie card the other day, now a couple of legend variations from 2011.

More sweet legends variations, coincidentally three New York players here.

And yet more liquorfractors for my 2011 Topps parallel frankenset. Highlights for me here include the last Padres Cy Young winner, Jake Peavy, and fellow Grossmont College alum, Sean O'Sullivan. 44.86% complete now (576/1284).

Also snagged a half-dozen needs for my 2004 Topps Chrome black refractor parallel set. Can't get enough of these! 28.95% complete now.

Sometimes I search 1957 Topps by cheapest-first and see what needs I can pick up for a buck or less. These are all "filler grade" and I wouldn't mind upgrading them someday (though I'd be fine with an off-condition set), but I'm happy to check them off my wantlist. Regular readers of this blog are likely getting sick of seeing '57 Topps on here, but these will likely be the last of it for a while. Now up to 29.98% complete.. Just a card away from cracking 30%!

More from my COMC order coming soon, but let's end this post with a card generously sent to me by friendly reader Fred S...

This Rickey Henderson brings me to 100% complete on 1984 Fleer! It's a very nice looking set. I never had many cards from it in my collection, but always liked it. Feels great to own the complete set now. (Would love to compliment it with the '84 Fleer Update set, though that one might be tougher to complete thanks to Clemens and Puckett. Maybe someday!) And like '83 Topps before it, I completed this one entirely through trading, no purchases, which makes it a bit more special to me. Got it done pretty quickly, too. Night Owl got the build going just last August.

Big thanks for the generous PWE, Fred!
(He also included a 2017 Bowman Chrome Gavin Lux.) Check him out on the Trading Card Database, user CubinSTL and CubinSTLSets. One of these days I'll figure out how to use TCDB and dig up something to return the favor.

In fact, I just went ahead and registered (user defgav), and while I don't think I'll ever enter my entire collection to the site, I'll likely try to use it to work up some trade help for sets and whatnot. Any TCDB users have tips for me?


  1. Lots of great color and vintage! And congrats on another complete set, that's awesome.

  2. About time you joined the Database! :) All serious collectors should. For their own benefit! It takes some learning but once you have it set up, and figured out, you will love it. I would suggest, since your main goal is trading rather than tracking your collection, to enter your wantlist first and then your tradelist. The system is set up so members can choose to get alerts whenever something from their wantlist is added to the'll find trade requests coming in fast and often. If you list your wantlist first, they will know what they have that you are interested in. And list everything. When I listed my tradelist in 2014 I listed everything, including the most common NASCAR set can buy a factory sealed factory set or box for about $5...yet within a week I had three people request them in trades and percentage wise they have seen the most go out of any set. And that was before the alerts system was put into place!

    Just looking at the list of what's available for 1957 Topps baseball, there's a guy listed with over 1000 cards available...another with 254 least 5 members list cards available that I've traded with.

    If you need any help I am ALWAYS on there- if my computer is turned on there is at least one window open there- and would be glad to walk you through whatever you may need. I sent you a friend request on there as allows you to easily find someone so you can view their want/trade list or just send them a message.

  3. Rickey doesn't seem to be amused by being the last card to complete the set. Rickey likes being first.

  4. The first advice that comes to mind is to learn the mass entry features. You can enter entire sets or just team sets with a couple clicks. This saves a lot of time. Look for a friend request from me. "EP"

  5. 57 Topps are such beautiful cards. I should pick up a few cheap ones on COMC just so I can have the set represented in my collection

  6. liquorfractors - now that's a perfect name for these cards, some of my favorite parallels! not an ugly card in this post however, Fuji is correct in that RH doesn't look too happy.