Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Think About You

Ah, the 80s.

It's funny how I never felt so good 
It's a feeling that I know I know I'll never forget
Oooh it was the best time I can remember

You said it, Axl.

I've got 3 sets from the 80s that are racing to the finish line thanks to generous trader buds.

Don Mattingly is probably the top card in 1984 Fleer, going by book, and I'm very grateful to Larry in Alabama for hooking me up with it, even though I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel for useful cards I can send back to him after our couple other recent trades. But yeah, this is a great card. I think it's my first Mattingly rookie ever. He's a guy I kinda collect thanks to being one of the Springfield Nine.

All I'm missing to finish off '84 Fleer now are Nolan, Rickey, Gaylord Perry's retirement tribute card, and of course, the legendary Milt Wilcox. (j/k; not sure why the Milt has been so elusive).

Larry also hit a couple big names left in my 1983 Topps set, with Ripken and Carew here.

Big thanks, Larry! I've got a stack of cards for you I need to drop in the mail ASAP.

- - - ----o

And I did a quick PWE trade with reader John H. to knock off a few more '83 Topps needs.

And a Gavin along for the ride.

My remaining '83 Topps needs as of this post:
71 Steve Carlton super-veteran
146 Don Sutton super-veteran
397 Pete Rose all-star
406 Steve Carlton all-star
792 Chris Chambliss

I think I might've exhausted all I can from friendly blog readers, and may now have to turn to Twitter if I want to complete these sets ('84 Fleer, '83 and '80 Topps) only by trading. I mean, I'm sure I could nab these final few cards cheap enough on Sportlots or someplace, but doing it through trades is more rewarding, right?

Anyways.. Thanks, John! I'll try to round up something to hit you back with shortly.

-  - - ----o

And last trade to mention today was a dual PWE blast from my buddy Matt at Sport Card Collectors.

A couple nice additions to the Billy Hamilton PC. The 2018 is one of those batting practice jersey SPs. And while I didn't care for 2017 Topps Fire much overall, I really like those shiny Golden Grabs insets.

Some other guys I collect.

And some assorted Padres from the past. Max Fried went to the Braves back in the Justin Upton trade. I think he's fighting for a spot in Atlanta's rotation this spring.

Thanks a lot, SCC! I'll shoot you back some NY Giants or whatnot soon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed. I actually could have sent 3 or a bubbler. Got another small stack to go tour way at some point

  2. If you can wait a couple weeks, ill bring you a sutton super vet

  3. I have those 5 83 Topps and the 84 Fleer Wilcox if you want to trade.

  4. When I was visiting my parents (sometime last year), I stumbled across my 1984 Fleer set and flipped through the set. So many great names on the checklist... and the design is solid. I'm at work right now. If you see this comment. Shoot me an email, remind me, and I'll see if I have any of the 84F, 83T, and 80T set needs laying around.

  5. Np Gavin. I'll look for an envelope once you can find stuff! !