Tuesday, March 20, 2018

You're Crazy (if you pass up cheap vintage at the card show)

Let's check out some of my vintage pickups from the latest monthly card show. These were all from the 3/$1 bins.

These '66s aren't in mint condition, but still, here you've got a couple HOFers, a 6x All-Star, and a couple other well-known names from the era. I'm not working on this set nor do I collect these players, so they'll likely go towards a page in the flagship binder I'm starting up.

1964 Topps is a set I'm working on. These cards are all definitely upgradeable (the Angel Backstops card has an "X" pen mark on the back), but still happy to find them in there.

As mentioned yesterday, I'll likely go after '75 Topps one day.. These are a couple nice ones to get out of the way.
The 1960 Topps Giants team card is available for trade. It's got some of the checklist marked in pencil on the back, but otherwise, not too bad.

Luis Aparicio makes another appearance, shown giving a wary eye to Billy Martin. Anybody need the infamous Billy Martin flipping the bird card? I've already got one. The Strikeout Leaders card will likely end up in my Tom Seaver PC, or if I've already got one there, then my Fergie PC.

I recently showed off a decent little lot of '74s I got from the nickel box, but now here are a few more to put toward that future setbuild, these from Washington "Nat'l Lea." and Oakland. Grabbed an extra Randy Jones RC.. One for the set, one for the PC, I suppose. The Jesus Alou is the "No Position on Front" error. And that's Reggie on the World Series card.

I grabbed this Denny McLain sunset card thinking it might be an upgrade for my set, but no, I've got a good copy already. No worries, though, as it's a tough high number, now headed to my trade box. Looks good on the front, though has a wax stain on the back.

These Renata Galasso cards aren't exactly vintage, but I'll include them in this post since they're all old timers. Great looking cards of A-list players, hard to pass up at 33¢ a pop. And if you don't agree with that,
You've got to find yourself another
Another piece, another piece of the action
You're crazy, hey, hey
You know you're crazy, oh my!


  1. So that Giants Team Card is totally my kind of tradebait. I'll get your small mailer out once we did out of the upcoming storm.

  2. Nice to see Randy Jones receiving some well deserved love. Great vintage haul.

  3. The middle Randy Jones looks like a cutting error...not to spam but I have a post on them in the queue for later this week.

  4. Great finds! At that price, I'd grab as many Renata Galasso cards as I could carry.
    We should touch base about 64T. Maybe we can swap some duplicates and help each other out...

  5. Thanks, guys! And Michael, sure, drop me an email and I can let you know what extra '64s I've got available.