Saturday, March 3, 2018

late nite pack rip of 2018 Heritage

Grabbed a couple packs of 2018 Heritage at the grocery store this afternoon while out shopping with the fam (Probably would have gotten a blaster, but all they had was an open retail box). It's my first 2018-stuff rip. My grocery store (Fred Meyer) recently did a little remodel and now the card section is right by the Customer Service desk, which I gotta assume is good for keeping pack-searching pricks at bay since there's a worker at the desk at all times.

A couple guys I collect here in Conforto and Devers.

Pulled the Beltran sunset card, plus a Beatles insert and Yankees rookie stars.

More base cards.. available for trade.

And a "hit" of sorts with this Josh Donaldson /999 chrome parallel. He's a guy I collect, so I'm happy with this. Maybe not exactly justifying the $6 purchase price of 2 packs, but hey, a Donaldson parallel plus Devers, Conforto, and a bit of trade fodder.. I'll call the rip a modest success.

Some backs. I used to be a bigger fan of '69 Topps a few years ago until I took a closer look and got turned off by all the outdated & hatless photos. But the simple design is fine and I like the backs. But I probably won't buy much more of this. Maybe if there are discounted blasters at the next card show I'll grab one.

Thanks for reading!


  1. The 1969 set is one of my favorites. Yet, even though I love the design I still don't like it with chromey goodness. IMO, some things like Heritage should never receive the chrome treatment.

  2. Yeah all that Chrome on Heritage gives me hives. The most modernizing I'd accept is if they did colored foil on the circles.

  3. Not a bad pull. The '69 is one of the better retro designs so I'm ok with these even though I'm not into them. That chrome parallel gives the packs a little juice. Thanks for the post.

  4. 9 cards for 3 bucks in a retail pack is a bit hard to swallow, but I'd be pretty happy with a Mets star, and ex-Mets star, and The Beatles. Although that picture of the Beatles is definitely from 1967, not 1969.

  5. Devers gets the Rookie Cup but not his own card. Did that ever happen with the original sets? Also, can you use that Beatles card for your We Didn't Start the Fire set? I'm sure Billy Joel mentions them somewhere in that song if I'm not mistaken.

  6. I would be interested the Michael Brantley base card.