Saturday, December 5, 2015

Closing out the recent card show haul

Let's bust out the remaining highlights from my haul at the latest local card show, which was a couple weeks ago. December's show is the Saturday before Christmas.. and as usual, it's at the mall.. Yikes! It's not the cool mall in town (that's Lloyd Center), but still, it's a mall (The Orwellian named Mall 205). I might actually voluntarily skip a show for the first time since I started going to this show a couple years ago. I think the only show I've missed was the one right after I got married and I just didn't have the time with everything going on. If things go right, I'll be getting a few boxes for Christmas (one of which is here already, just tempting me to open it.. tantalizing me with what wonders it might possess. Nice high-end box. Mmmm) and, really, I've been buying plenty of cards lately.. so I think I'll be able to sit out this month's card show without too much regrets. See you in January, Mall 205!

This photo represents a fine nickelbox dig (deal was 25 cards for $1). I could easily get a week's worth of posts on these cards, but ain't nobody got time for that, and cheap cards aren't exactly sexy to most blog readers, so just soak in this one picture. Many of these are stacks of one player, but not all of them. Let's see, what do we got here? Some nice Reggie Sanders cards, Rickey, Murray, Molitor, Canseco battery oddball, #'d Cliff Floyd, refractor Ruben Rivera, Gant, McGriff, Boomer Wells, Benito, Caminiti, BJ Upton, Derrek Lee, Sean Astin (I need to get my Goonies PC off the ground), Vlad, Paul O'Neill, Marquis, Sir Julio Franco, Klesko, Bonds, Larry Walker, Teke, Chili, Bagwell, Delgado.

The rest of the cards in this post were in a couple different purchases that either ran me 33¢ or 72¢ per card.

Some cool Red Sox cards. Xander and Mookie have been all over my blog lately. Ortiz Xprismfractor (yeah, that's what I'm deciding to call these). Pedro diecut badge thing. That Heroes of Fenway card is forever trapped in the screwdown, as I've had no luck unscrewing it. I need one of those tools that drills a hole through a stripped screw.. what are those called? And there's a #'d Ted Williams at the end.

This is the San Diego portion of the post. I've pretty much disavowed my Chargers fandom this year, but one guy I still love is LaDainian Tomlinson, and throw a #/149 serial number on the back and I'm sold. Then we've got a gold framed Gwynn, a Cashner refractor, a Cory Spangenberg Xprismfractor, and a couple NASCAR cards of Guy From Granite Jimmie Johnson.

White Sox and Nationals up next. A couple Sales for the PC, that one Frank Thomas from this year's Bowman. On the bottom is a Bryce Harper Xprismfractor and a Max Scherzer gold refractor #'d 17/50.

More numbered cards. That's Eric Young, Sr. and as the sticker implies, it's #'d 73/100. The Ichiro is kinda cool, #'d 208/750. Maikel Franco #/99. And Cueto #/150.

More shiny. Adam Jones, Willie Mays, Alex Gordon, Giancarlo. All fine players. Fine players, indeed.

Not shiny or numbered, but a solid trio of active players to go out on.

And that wraps up the November card show haul. Thanks for checking it out with me!


  1. I think cheap cards are sexy! Looks like you got a lot of bang for your buck here.

  2. Wow! You got some great cards at great prices!

  3. Wow! What a haul from the nickel box! That Paul O'Neill rookie is great.

    1. Nickel box? Seriously? I need to come visit.

  4. "drills a hole through a stripped screw.. what are those called"

    It's called a drill bit. Any decent drill bit will work through the thing. Though, if you don't care about the case, I would take a coping saw, clamp it in a vice, and just cut the plastic around the screw. Might be easier and quicker.

  5. using rubber bands between the screw and the screwdriver sometimes work to grip what's left of the screw, but jeff's idea is more destructive and macho.

  6. Cheap cards are the sexayest cards.

  7. Mall 205 features a sign that says "Ozzie's Deli... still open!" or something to that effect. It's the only surviving thing of what was almost a food court at one point.

  8. I've got that same Willie Mays card. Very nice

  9. Nice haul, Gavin! Cheap is best!

  10. Wow, that's a fantastic haul for the price. I miss card shows so, so much... ;_;