Wednesday, December 30, 2015

non-sport Gavin cards

Gavin Month is coming to a close here at Baseball Card Breakdown. --Well, the final post might actually appear in early January thanks to a post-Christmas COMC order I'm waiting on. But this here is the penultimate post in the series.

Today we're looking at Gavin cards that don't involve sports.

Here's the first guy named Gavin to really make a name for himself on the global consciousness, Gavin MacLeod, an actor known for his roles on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and The Love Boat. He's represented in my collection with this Christmas Card stickergraph.

Here's another autoGav, this one from Gavin Hood, a filmmaker from South Africa who directed the films X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Ender's Game. Always neat checking out how other Gavins sign their name.

Here's the only true "gaming" card in my collection. It's like Magic The Gathering, but I think it's actually a World of Warcraft Trading Card Game card. I've never touched the stuff, though a good friend of mine was pretty obsessed with WoW for a while and I remember watching him play the video game. Gavin Haverston seems like an odd name for a medieval warrior-monster looking dude. But whatever! It adds some variety to my Greatest Gavins minicollection. This ally can attack immediately, and when he attacks, defenders deal no combat damage to him. It's like I have a twin!

Here's the only music-related Gavin in my Greatest Gavins. While I consider myself to have vast musical tastes, country music is one genre I've never cared for much with few exceptions (gotta love Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson, some Hank Williams). So I'm not familiar with Mike Gavin at all. I think this is a gold parallel of some Branson set.

Other notable Gavins in music include Gavin DeGraw, Gavin Rossdale (of the band Bush), and the band Dance Gavin Dance.

And here's the one Gavin GPK, Thanks Gavin. Silly (and creepy).

Finally, here's a card of a character named Gavin. It's an autograph of actor Daniel Dae Kim, for his recurring role on Angel as Gavin Park. Never watched it. I know him best from his time on Lost, but he's been in a lot of stuff.

So there are the non-sport Gavin cards in my collection. Exciting!

Catch ya next time.


  1. Gavin DeGraw was a pretty good concert. I have to say, I love how vast and far-reaching this collection is.

  2. Do you celebrate Thanks-Gavin?

  3. Captain Stubing rocks! Happy New Years!

  4. you should totally grow a Mike Gavin mullet! It's coming back, you know.