Monday, December 29, 2014

Card show haul, in action

Let's continue showing off some more pickups from the card show a couple weeks ago.

Something you don't see everyday.. kicking off with some Dodgers love on a Padres-centric blog. But shiny Kershaws, a top prospect, an imminent HOFer, a Kemp RC, and a Russell Martin relic.. all nice cards for 50 cents each. Now that Kemp is a Padre, I have to start corralling my Kemps into a PC instead of throwing them in the tradables box. And the Martin was pretty much picked up for trade bait, but I wouldn't mind hanging onto it if nobody hops on it.

Chavez Ravening gave me the McGwire of those holographic cards recently, and I liked it so much, I had to add this Junior to my stack when I came across it. I think that is my 3rd of those Fleer Ultra diecut "CD" inserts (also have the Gwynn and Ripken).. love em. It's incredible seeing a Simon & Garfunkel reference on a baseball card.

Finally, here's exciting Rangers prospect Joey Gallo. He's a big swinger who's crushed 104 minor league home runs and just turned 21 last month. Hopefully he gets his strikeouts under control and doesn't fall into being a Rob Deer type of batter.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by. I've got one more post's worth of pickups from the December card show-- including some tradebait-- which I'll show off soon.


  1. excellent Dodgers! also you should still put those Kemps in your trade box before sending them to me ;)

  2. That Greatest Hits Griffey is pretty sweet!