Saturday, December 13, 2014

Vintage from the beat-up box (card show recap)

I'm back from the December card show. Some nice pickups. No good looking dimeboxes this time, sorry to say, so my volume was down. I made two purchases, the first being 44 cards for $22 from the dealer who's becoming "my usual guy." He seems to have the best selection and value. But I'll leave showing off those for another day.

The second purchase-- the one I'm posting about today-- was 5+ cards for $5 from another dealer's beat-up/discount box. He's got a nice selection of old vintage. I bought a few key '73 Topps cards from this guy (Terry?) a few months ago along with that sweet '58 Clemente. Seems like a nice guy.

Anyways, let's check out the cards. For simplicity, let's just say these were a buck each, though some were a little more and some a little less. These cards have all been around the block, with some creases and whatnot, but for the price, I don't mind.

Tony Oliva rookie. Nice. Oliva and my guy Dick Allen each recently fell a vote shy of HOF induction. I could angrily rant about this, but I'll just say I'm disappointed and leave it at that.

This '69 Tony Perez is in rough shape, but for a buck...
I've scrounged up a decent little Perez PC since I recently started collecting him thanks to his PCL Padres ties.

Former Padre, Johnny Podres.

I picked up a nice Red S. auto a few weeks ago, so figured might as well add a card from his playing days too.

Any card show where I pick up a vintage Stargell I needed is a good card show.

So those were the 5 cards I got for a total of $5. And the dealer had some "free" cards too, which you could get 1 for each purchase of 2 cards. He was nice enough to let me have 3.

I already had (a non creased version of) this Hoyt/Roy, but for free, why not? Available for trade if anybody wants it.

A Milwaukee Brave. Tony L, do you need this one?

75 mini Brian Downing. Not bad.

Well, thanks for checking in. Hope your weekend's going well.

As for me, I've got some guys in my backyard chainsawing up a tree in our backyard that fell over a couple days ago during some nasty winds. Thankfully it didn't do much damage.


  1. Good luck with the tree. With a little work it could be transformed into a X-Mas Tree.

  2. "Fork and Knuckler" and we don't get to see the grip on either. Eh, the kids will never notice.

  3. I like the 64 rookie cards. Good luck with that tree. Looks like You got lucky